​What is a driver?
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​What is a driver?

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​What is a driver?

Drive is the general term for inverters and servers, including motion controllers. The biggest difference between inverter and server is open-loop control and closed-loop control, but not all inverters are open-loop control. Many inverters support closed-loop control. Some engineering-type inverters have high control accuracy after closed-loop control. . For example, the drive frequency converter on the injection molding machine is essentially a frequency converter, and also adopts a closed-loop control method. Many imported brand inverters and servo controllers have the same appearance and interface, and the functions of the inverter and the server are distinguished by the software package function. Take two brands as examples: Let’s talk about lenze, such as the 93 series, vector inverters, servo controllers, positioning controllers, etc. The appearance is almost the same; let’s talk about keb Kobe, such as the F5 series that is most used in the market. Several software packages are included, and open-loop and closed-loop programs are all available. Users can only distinguish from the nameplate suffix.

Three major sectors of industrial equipment: control, communication, and drive. The three major sectors are interrelated and coordinated. In the actual maintenance, the drive is the one with the most failures. As the name implies, drive means to drive the motor. Although there are many types of motors, there are AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, synchronous motors, linear motors, and so on. But the role of the motor is to convert electricity into a power carrier. The principle of the motor is actually not that simple. It is easy to move, just stop and cut off the power! But to make it start and stop accurately, it is more complicated. In addition to the performance index of the motor itself, it must be controlled by a driver.

Generally, the power of the server is not too large, the interface is unified, and it is suitable for applications that require secondary development. The servo generally needs to be matched with a dedicated motor, which must be closed-loop controlled (speed measurement feedback cannot be shielded). This leads to a problem: without a pair of motors, the alarm will be reported as soon as possible, which makes maintenance very tricky and makes it impossible to conduct a motion test! Motion controllers are more troublesome. Many of them are out of communication, and some do not even have a digital control port (such as kuka robotic arm drives)! ! It is almost impossible to perform output testing for a single motion controller.

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