Introduction of YOKOGAWA/Yokogawa EJA Pressure Transmitter!
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Introduction of YOKOGAWA/Yokogawa EJA Pressure Transmitter!

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Introduction of YOKOGAWA/Yokogawa EJA Pressure Transmitter!

There are many types of YOKOGAWA/Yokogawa EJA pressure transmitters, but most YOKOGAWA pressure transmitters convert physical measurement signals or ordinary electrical signals into standard electrical signal output or can be output in a communication protocol. These YOKOGAWA pressure transmitter products are generally divided into: temperature/humidity transmitters, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, liquid level transmitters, current transmitters, power transmitters, flow transmitters, Weight transmitter, etc.

Application of YOKOGAWA pressure transmitter in single chip microcomputer

   The development of process automation control technology proves that the current Yokogawa pressure transmitter is superior in production applications.

   In many applications controlled by the single-chip microcomputer, Yokogawa pressure transmitters must be used to convert the signals that the single-chip microcomputer cannot directly measure into electrical analog signals that the single-chip microcomputer can handle, so as to achieve better process control.

The common Yokogawa pressure transmitters are: pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, flow transmitters, etc., but in general, current Yokogawa pressure transmitters are the most widely used in single-chip microcomputer applications, and they mainly play a role in signal conversion. , Is the bridge in the entire process control.

  Current output product advantages

   YOKOGAWA pressure transmitter current output products have obvious advantages over voltage output products and are widely used.

   In the early days of Yokogawa pressure transmitters, most of the transmitters were of voltage output type, that is, the measurement signal was converted to 0-5V voltage output. This is the direct output signal power of the operational amplifier, and the output signal strategy is less than 0.05W. Then the digital signal is converted by the analog/digital conversion circuit for the single-chip microcomputer to read and control.

Compared with Yokogawa pressure transmitters, traditional voltage output transmitters, when the signal needs to be transmitted over a long distance, or where the grid interference is greater in the use environment, the voltage output transmitter is better than the current output type Yokogawa pressure For the transmitter, the use is greatly restricted. This is because compared with the new current output type Yokogawa pressure transmitter, the traditional voltage type transmitter has poor anti-interference ability and line loss and easy consumption, so the accuracy is far less than the current output type Yokogawa pressure transmitter.

   Current output type Yokogawa pressure transmitter adopts two-wire current output. It is a typical current type output transmitter. Its anti-interference ability is strong, so its advantages are obviously widely used.

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