How to get rid of the trouble of FOXBORO 875 analyzer?
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How to get rid of the trouble of FOXBORO 875 analyzer?

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How to get rid of the trouble of FOXBORO 875 analyzer?

When you are using the FOXBORO 875 analyzer in the measurement mode, once a failure occurs, the screen will alternately display "measurement" and "fault" (about 2 seconds each flashing). When multiple faults occur, the screen will display the fault with the highest level. Generally speaking, you can enter the diagnostic mode to get more detailed fault information and get guidance on how to correct the problem.


To display fault information, certain diagnostic conditions must be configured as "enable".

The fault types are summarized as follows:

Sensor failure

In the measurement mode, if there is a Leakage, ATC Short or ATC Open (ATC) fault, the screen displays Sensor Fault (if the diagnosis is enabled), and the analyzer is still configurable of. For ATC Short or ATC Open faults, if the measured value is configured as a maintained fail-safe value, then the measured value remains at the fail-safe value.

Configuration failure

In the measurement mode, when the circuit output (4-20 Range), temperature compensation (Comp Range) or display circuit measurement value (Meas Range) exceeds the upper and lower limits of the configured range, the screen will display Confihuration Fault.

Analyzer failure

The Analyzer Fault displayed in the measurement mode is used to indicate the analyzer fault. Depending on the severity of the problem, the analyzer may still be configurable, and if the analog measurement value is configured to maintain a safe value, then the analog measurement value configuration maintains the safe value.

Digital fault

When a digital communication problem occurs in the measurement mode, the screen will display Digital Fault (digital fault).

Slope error

In the configuration mode, when an error occurs during the custom table input and an invalid slope is generated, the screen will display Slope Error.

Table input error

In configuration mode, when an error occurs during custom table entry, for example, there is not at least one custom value in the range that is high enough, the screen displays Table Enter Error.

Password access

You can also use a password in the panel, remote controller or digital communication interface to improve the security of the analyzer. In the configuration mode, users with level 1 access rights can establish a three-level security password.


The second and third level passwords are not as complete as the first level passwords and are easier to use, so there are fewer selection steps through the menu tree.

The default password for all three levels is 0800.

Most operations require a password. When the display shows Passcode0000, use the arrow to enter the corresponding password. When the correct number is displayed, press Enter to confirm.

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