FOXBORO pressure transmitter, leading a new era with high precision
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FOXBORO pressure transmitter, leading a new era with high precision

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FOXBORO pressure transmitter, leading a new era with high precision

The accuracy of a pressure transmitter is the primary reference condition for selecting a transmitter. It is the same as the accuracy of all measurement and display instruments, and it is also an indicator of the credibility of the measured value of the instrument. The accuracy of some medium and high-end pressure transmitters on the market can reach 4%, 2%, or even 1%. Since the customer has chosen a high-precision pressure transmitter, of course, he also hopes to use the transmitter for himself. It can also achieve the highest accuracy in use.

Let's take a look at the outstanding performance of the accuracy of FOXBORO pressure transmitter, its adaptability to the environment, anti-interference ability, stability and other aspects of high performance, which will be explained in detail below:

High precision

Accuracy calculation formula:

   Instrument accuracy = maximum allowable error / measuring range *%

If the percent sign is removed from the accuracy of the instrument, it means that the accuracy of the instrument is divided into several grades according to the regulations of the instrument industry, referred to as accuracy grades, such as 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, etc. It can be seen that the smaller the number of the accuracy level, the higher the accuracy. The accuracy of FOXBORO pressure transmitters generally reaches 0.2 grade, and even some of them reach 0.1 grade.


The ability of a pressure transmitter to remain unchanged after a period of use is called stability. The long-term drift of the FOXBORO pressure transmitter for five years is less than ±0.05% of the URL. In addition, the FOXBORO pressure transmitter test instrument will be calibrated every year to determine the optimal performance of the transmitter test.

Environmental adaptability and anti-interference ability

In addition to the structure of the transmitter itself, the factors that affect the long-term stability of the transmitter are mainly the operating environment of the transmitter. Therefore, to make the transmitter have good long-term stability, the transmitter must have strong environmental adaptability.

Anti-interference ability

1. The influence of power supply voltage: within the specified power supply voltage range, for every 1 volt change in voltage, the output change is less than 0.005% of the calibrated range.

2. The influence of radio frequency interference: When the transmitter is installed correctly, the conduit shielding is grounded, and the module box cover is closed, the radio frequency interference with the radio frequency range of 27 to 1000 MHz and the field strength of 30 V/m will cause the output error to be less than the calibration range. 0.1%.

3. Vibration influence: In the vibration frequency range of 5 to 500 Hz or 5 to 15 Hz, with a positive and negative amplitude of 6.35 mm (2.5 in ), the total influence caused by each acceleration "g" is the upper limit ±0.2% of value.

4. Transient effects of switching and indirect discharge: In common mode or normal state, the transmitter can withstand a transient surge voltage of up to 2000 volts or 1000 volts, respectively, without permanent damage. The output drift is less than 1.0%.

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