Bentley eddy current sensor system questions and answers
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Bentley eddy current sensor system questions and answers

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Bentley eddy current sensor system questions and answers

Q: Can the extension cables of different lengths of Bentley eddy current probes be interchanged? For example, because the 4-meter cable in the original system was accidentally damaged during disassembly and assembly, can it be replaced with 8-meter spare parts of the same series?

A: The eddy current extension cables of different series and lengths are not interchangeable.

Bentley's commonly used eddy current probe 3300XL NSV, 8mm, 11mm, 25mm, 50mm and other series and specifications of probes, in the application process, different probes may also be combined with different lengths of extension cables to form 1 meter, 5 meters, 7 One or several systems with different fixed lengths such as meters and 9 meters (if the probe's own cable is too long, it will cause inconvenience when rotating the probe). Extension cables of different lengths have different impedances (for example, 330130 series 4m and 8m extension cables, the resistance value of each type of probe and cable can be referred to the probe selection manual), if they are interchanged, the linearity of the measurement will be changed. Degree, resulting in larger measurement errors.

Q: Does the material of different shafts affect the measurement of the eddy current probe? The shafts of the units in our workshop are made of 17-4PH, 20CrMo, 2205 duplex steel, 4140 steel and other materials. What should be paid attention to in the selection of the eddy current system?

A: The shafting monitoring of special materials requires the use of Bentley’s system selection tailored to the material (Mod)

The conventional Bentley eddy current probe system is calibrated and tested with a standard target surface made of 4140 steel. The influence coefficients of materials of different materials on the eddy current signal will be quite different, and the material may be similar to the standard material. There is a deviation of 5%-10%, and the larger difference will have a 10%-30% impact or even no response at all. Bentley has corresponding customized (Mod) standardized products for dozens of common materials of industrial shafting systems to maximize the accuracy of measurement. Therefore, for the shaft system of special materials, it is generally necessary to select the Proximitor or transmitter for the Mod selection of the material in the system design to avoid measurement errors and unnecessary production losses caused by inaccurate selection.

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