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Bentley eddy current sensor questions and answers

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Bentley eddy current sensor questions and answers

“Bentley eddy current sensor questions and answers”


Can the same type of eddy current sensor components be interchanged?

Answer: Yes. The Bentley eddy current sensor supports component replacement. The component type and parameter information need to be determined before replacement.


Can I use an 11mm extension cable to match an 8mm probe?

Answer: No. Because different types of eddy current sensor extension cables have different resistance values, they cannot be mixed in the field.


Will it be affected if the probe plus extension cable does not match the electrical length of the Proximitor?

Answer: There will be an impact. The electrical length does not match, and accurate measurement values cannot be obtained.


In addition to color, is there any way to distinguish the type of eddy current sensor?

Answer: In addition to the color of the connector label, you can also view the product model information of each component label of the eddy current sensor.


Can all eddy current sensors be installed using feeler gauges?

Answer: It is recommended to install the eddy current sensor by electrical method. If the eddy current sensor for measuring the speed is installed on the gear plate, it needs to be installed with a feeler gauge.


How to distinguish the authenticity of the sensor?

Answer: Provide the serial number (S/N) on each part of the sensor to the staff of Bentley, which can help users to make inquiries.


Is it possible to use electrical tape + heat shrinkable tube to protect the sensor connector?

Answer: Yes. However, in harsh environments, electrical tape and heat shrink tubing will quickly degrade, and the resulting waste residues may become turbid in the lubricating oil. It is recommended to use a Bentley connector protector.


Does the length of the cable from the Proximitor to the 3500 frame affect the signal quality?

Answer: Usually the maximum length of the cable between the Proximitor and the vibration monitor is 305 meters. If the actual distance on site exceeds 305 meters, please contact Bently technicians.


Does the use of the walkie-talkie in the field affect the measurement of the sensor?

Answer: It is affected within one meter, but it is not recommended to use walkie-talkies on site, especially high-power walkie-talkies.

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