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Bentley 3500 system Q&A

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Bentley 3500 system Q&A

“Bentley 3500 system Q&A”


Does the Bentley 3500 system card support hot swap?

A: Yes. In addition to relay I/O cards, 3,500 cards including power modules are hot-swappable. If I/O modules need to be hot-swapped, perform the operations in a fixed sequence.


Does bentley 3500 system analog output (4~20mA) need external power supply?

A: No. The Bentley 3500 frame supplies power to the analog output.


Can interface modules of bentley 3500 be installed arbitrarily?

A: No. The interface module must be installed in slot 1.


Can the Bentley 3500 system be powered from one source?

Answer: Yes. However, if the 3500 system is redundant, two power supplies are required.


Can the Bentley 3500 system be powered by two UPSs?

A: Yes. You can also use one UPS plus one UPS for power supply. But it is not recommended to use two mains power supply.


There is only 110V power supply on site, can the Bentley 3500 system be powered?

A: Yes. The Bentley 3500 system can accept high-voltage AC, low-voltage AC, high-voltage DC, and low-voltage DC power supply modes.

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