Basic introduction of Japan's Yokogawa EJA120E differential pressure transmitter!
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Basic introduction of Japan's Yokogawa EJA120E differential pressure transmitter!

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Basic introduction of Japan's Yokogawa EJA120E differential pressure transmitter!

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to a 120E differential pressure transmitter among Yokogawa EJA transmitters. This is a high-performance differential pressure transmitter using single crystal silicon resonant sensor technology, which is suitable for measuring liquids. , Gas or steam flow, liquid level, density and pressure. EJA120E converts the measured differential pressure into a 4 ~ 20 mADC current signal output, with fast response, remote setting and self-diagnosis functions. EJA-E series products provide BRAIN, HART/HART (1~5V) low power consumption, FF fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA communication protocol, and the standard configuration has passed SIL 2 safety certification.


Ambient temperature influence/289C (50* F)+(0.15% range+0.2%URL)

Power influence (output code D &J)

+0.005 %/V (21.6 ~32 V DC, 3502)


Vibration influence

Amplifier codes 1 and 3:

When testing according to the requirements of IEC607 70-1 high vibration level (10-60 Hz amplitude 0.21 mm/60-2000 Hz 3 g), <0.1% URL amplifier code 2: according to IEC607 70-1 low vibration level (10-60Hz , Amplitude 0.15m/60-500 Hz 2g) when testing, <+0. I%URL


Influence of installation location

Rotating parallel to the diaphragm surface has no effect. A 90-degree tilt will cause a zero drift of 0.4kPa (1.6inH2O), which can be corrected by zero adjustment.


Response time (differential pressure) "0"

150 ms

Functional specifications

Output "0"

4~20mA HART/BRAIN (output signal code D&J) Two-wire system with digital communication, 4~20mA DC output, can be set to linear or square root. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol is loaded on 4~-20mA signal, output range: 3.6mA~21.6mA.

If you need to comply with NAMUR NE43, you can pre-set the output limit through the option code C2 or C3. 1~5V HART (output signal code 0) Three-wire or four-wire 1~5V low power consumption type can be set linear or square root. HART protocol is loaded on the 1~5V signal, the output range is 0.9 -5.4VDC


Fault alarm (output signal code D& J)

4~ 20mA HART /BRA IN (output signal code D&J) The analog output status when CPU failure and hardware error occur: high output: 110%, 221.6mADC (standard) low output: -5%, ≤ 3.2mA DC1~5V HART (Output signal code 0)

Analog output status when CPU failure and hardware error occur: high output: 110%, 25.4V DC (standard) low output: -5%, ≤0.8V DC


Damping time constant

The damping time constant of the amplifier can be adjusted in the range of 0.00~100.00 s through the software, and the response time will increase accordingly.


Refresh time "V"

Differential pressure: 45 ms

Zero adjustment

Within the upper and lower limits of the diaphragm, the zero point can be adjusted arbitrarily.

External zero adjustment

The zero can be adjusted continuously within the range with a resolution of 0.01%, and the range can be adjusted using the range setting switch on the meter head. Built-in display meter (LCD display, optional) "V0" 5-digit display, 6-digit unit display and histogram. The display meter can periodically display the following 1~3 variables: measured differential pressure value, differential pressure percentage, and scale differential pressure. See "Factory settings". Local parameter setting (output signal code D, J&Q) through external zero adjustment screw and button switch (built-in display meter code E), providing simple and fast parameter setting, such as: position number, range unit, LRV. URV. damping time, Output mode, display output 1, etc.


Self-diagnosis function

CPU failure, hardware failure, configuration error, and over-limit error of differential pressure and diaphragm temperature. The user can configure the differential pressure high/low alarm. Signal curve (output signal code is D, J&Q) can be set to 10 segments of signal curve to characterize 4-20mA output, used for measurement

Measure the level of boiler steam drum, cone tank, etc.


SIL certification

EJA-E series transmitters, except FF fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA and HART low power consumption type, all meet the following standards:

IEC 61508:2000; Part 1~Part 7 Functional safety of electrical/electronic programmable electronic related systems; the station complies with SIL 2 safety requirements, and redundant use complies with SIL 3 safety requirements.


0 Normal operating conditions

Ambient temperature

-25~ 809C(-13~ 176°F)

Process temperature

-25~80C(-13~ 176°F)

environment humidity

0~100% RH

Working pressure (silicone oil)

-50 ~50kPa (-7.25~ 7.25 psi)

Power & load requirements

(Output signal code D &J)

When the power supply voltage is 24V DC, the maximum load is 55092,

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