ABB launches containerized energy storage system
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ABB launches containerized energy storage system

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ABB launches containerized energy storage system

“ABB announced the launch of a containerized energy storage system (ESS), a plug-and-play solution that can be integrated with the ship's main power distribution system at any time.”

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The system pre-assembles all batteries, frequency converters, transformers, controllers, cooling and auxiliary equipment in a 20-foot standard container to achieve plug and play.

The ESS system can be integrated with various types of ships, such as offshore support ships, container ships, ferries, drilling ships, etc.

According to ABB, the containerized energy storage system (ESS) uses a 20-foot container to provide one of the highest levels of energy density on the market. Its standardized installation can effectively reduce costs and achieve rapid delivery. This system can meet the needs of shipowners to transform the ship's power distribution system and add large-capacity batteries, and reduce the ship's emissions.

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