ABB and Ballard team up to develop 3 MW fuel cells for large ships
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ABB and Ballard team up to develop 3 MW fuel cells for large ships

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ABB and Ballard team up to develop 3 MW fuel cells for large ships

Fuel cells jointly developed by ABB and Ballard provide emission-free power for large ships.

DNV has certified Basic Certification (AiP) for its 3 MW high performance fuel cell (4000PS) to ABB and Ballard, the two companies have been working on the concept since 2018 as part of their shipping decarbonisation partnership . AiP is an important milestone in the development of new technologies. This is an independent evaluation that confirms that the concept is feasible and that there are no fundamental barriers to implementation. This means that the jointly developed system can be used for many different ship types in the coming years.

“Hydrogen is an important fuel for the energy transition. This is why there is a need to develop safe technologies that the industry can rely on,” said Tuva Flagstad Andersen, Nordic Country Manager, DNV Maritime. Within the framework, tests are carried out according to established independent standards at an early stage."

High-performance fuel cell units are suitable for powering various ship types that require multiple 3 MW power modules. For example, cruise ships operating in coastal areas can only use fuel cells. At least it could turn to this technology in ecologically sensitive areas or in emission-controlled areas.

Ferries with fixed schedules and frequent refueling opportunities can be powered entirely by fuel cells. Electricity from fuel cells can be used for auxiliary operations of ships at sea. The concept also includes the integration of energy storage systems.

"We will continue to pave the way for decarbonisation of ships and believe that ship electrification, including fuel cell technology, will play a central role in the shipping industry's journey towards achieving its sustainability goals," said Juha Koskela, Head of ABB's Marine Ports division.

The successful development of the high-performance fuel cell system is the result of a collaboration between ABB and Ballard, the world's leading supplier of proton exchange membrane fuel cells, in June 2018. ABB has made significant progress in the collaborative development of marine fuel cell systems as part of its strategy to develop alternative emission-free technologies. Emission-free hydrogen fuel cells are considered one of the most promising technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are already being used on small ships over short distances.

Shipping is responsible for nearly 3% of the world's annual greenhouse gas emissions, so there's a lot of pressure on the industry to switch to more sustainable energy sources. Therefore, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations global shipping regulator, has set emission reduction targets. The International Maritime Organization hopes that by 2050, greenhouse gas emissions from ships will be reduced by at least 50 percent from 2008 levels.

ABB works with customers and partners to develop and integrate technologies to make hydrogen an accessible and affordable element of the low-emission global energy mix. In Italy, ABB and Swiss energy supplier Axpo are developing modular systems and optimal operating modes for the production of low-cost green hydrogen. In France, ABB equipped Lhyfe's first green hydrogen production facility with the Freelance decentralized control system and ABB's digital platform for manufacturing operations management. ABB is also working with Hydrogen Optimized, a company specializing in sustainable energy conversion, in Canada to develop large-scale systems for producing green hydrogen and connecting to the grid to provide clean, sustainable and cost-effective energy.

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