ABB S800 I/O - open process I/O system Introduction
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ABB S800 I/O - open process I/O system Introduction

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ABB S800 I/O - open process I/O system Introduction

S800 I/O - open process I/O system

Scales from low cost, standard function to high end features like hot-swap, HART, time tagging, redundancy down to I/O channel.

S800 I/O is an open comprehe- nsive, distributed, process I/O system that communicates with controllers by direct connection or over industry-standard field buses.


  • Cost effective solutions to practically all needs for field device interfacing, including basic analog and digital I/O, as well as intrinsic safety and high integrity solutions.

  • Highly modular and can be built in a near infinite number of ways, from highly centralized to highly distributed.

  • Supporting industry standard field bus PROFIBUS DP, compatible also with non-ABB controllers; supports also ABB’s Advant Fieldbus 100

  • Configured transparently as part of  parent controllers, like local I/O; no additional knowledge or skills are required.

  • Comprehensive diagnostics, hot swapping of modules and redundancy solutions contribute to keeping production up

ABB S800

Our sales

NPOW-42C DO840 3BSE020838R1 DSDX180A 3BSE018297R1 07EA61R1 GJV3074351R1

NINP-61C CI840A 3BSE041882R1 DSBC175 3BUR001661R1 07KT92 GJR5250500R0262

NDCO-03C FAU810 DSDI133A 3BSE018290R1 07KT97 GJR5253000R0276

NIOC-02C C87-11006 DSAX110 57120001-PC 3BDS008790R09

NAMC-11C ISAP281200R0001 TU582-S SR511 3BSE000863R1 3BHB002000R0001 B25835S2205K007

REC670 CD522 ISAP260300R0001 TC520 3BSE00144R91 3BHE023784R2530

RED670 1SAP111100R0270 TB511-ETH PM510V08 3BSE008373R1 3BSE000460R1 PFBO161

GPU2000R 1SAP212200R0001 TU515 BB512 3BUR980001R0001 3BSE003879R1

GPU2000R REG544 3BSE008516R1 AI810 RF523 3BSE006802R1 3BSE019050R200 PFTL-301E-0.2KN

RTXF18/RK926-115-AH 3BSE039293R1 AI880A 3BHB003230R0101 3BHL000392R0101 5SHX1060H0001 AI830  3BSE008518R1

RTXF18/RK926-007-AB TB840 3BSE021456R1 NPCU-52C AI922

3ADT314100R1001/SDCS-PIN-4 3BHE014105R0001 5SHY3545L0020 5SXE080166 NPBU-42C AO920

3BHB004661R0101/KUC711AE101 SDCS-CON-4 3BHE009319R0001/UNS 2881b-P,v1 AX460/50001

3BSE022366R1/CI801 DI885 3BSE013088R1 3BHE003855R0001/UNS 2882A-P,V1 BRC100 BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-10000000

3BSE018129R1/PM861 3BSE023607R1 TY801K01 3BHE014967R0002/UNS 2880b-p,v2 BRC300 PHCBRC30000000

3BSE018114R1/TP830 CI532V03 3BHE009949R0002/UNS 4881b,v2 C1900/0363  C1900/0363/0360A

PTU810 3BSC950107R1 TK811V050 3BHB002651R1 CI532V01 3BSE003826R1

3BHE006412R0101/UFC762AE101 3BSE008550R1 DI821 CI801 CI590 3BHT340092R1

3BDH000002R1/PM802F NINT-52 57619066E 3HNE00313-1 CI626A  3BSE005023R1

SD802F DI830 3BSE013210R1 DP820 CI860 CI860K01  3BSE032444R1

EI803F DSDI110A 57160001-AAA SPS01 DSMB116  5736 0001-EB

FI830F DSDP170 57160001-ADF SPS02 DSQC1018 3HAC050363-001

AC10272001R0101/5SXE10-0181/5SHY55L4500 DSDO110 57160001-K SPS03-5V DSQC104

AC10272001R0101/5SXE10-0181/5SHY55L4520 SD822 SPS03-15V DSQC239

DSSB140 48980001-P 3BSE003827R1 CI532V02 CI858 DSQC334 3HAB5845-1

DI801 3BSE020508R1 200-PSMG TP858 DSTK165 26390603-AN

PM851K01 3BSE018168R1 EI813F DI581-S 1SAP284000R0001 DSTK183 26390603-BX

PM861AK01 3BSE018157R1 TA524 DX581-S 1SAP284100R0001 DSTK160

TU834 3BSE040364R1 PM57 NINT-43C DSTK160L2.5 26390603-DE

TU842 3BSE020850R1 DC523 DSAI133A NPBA-12

TU844 3BSE02445R1 AX561 1SAP150100R0271 PM591-ETH NIOC-01 3BSE005735R1

TU841 3BSE020848R1 PM554 IMASI23 NGDR-03C

BC810K01 3BSE03115R1 DX561 IMMPI01 NINT-42/SP

DI803 3BSE022362R1 DX571 INNIS21 NPOW-43/SP

DO802 3BSE022364R1 DI524 INSEM01 TK850

TP857 3BSE030192R1 TO516B0 INTKM01 CM577

PHARPSFAN03000 07KT98 H3 GJR525100R0270 SPNIS21 UA95-30 380/400VAC

PFBO161 3BSE000460R1 07KT94-98 GJR5252590B0012 SPBRC410 IEMMU11

YM322001-ED PFSK101 07KT94-98 GJR5252690R0001 SPNPM22 IIMCL01

57310001-KH DSBC173 3BSE028602R1 DO880 SPDSO14 IMMFP01

YM322001-EB PFSK104 3BSE020838R1 DO840 IMRIO02 07AI91 WT91 GJR5251600R4202

PFSK126 3BSE002007R1 3BSE040662R1 AI830A SPFEC12 07BT62R1

PFSK170 3BSE023676R1 AO845 INIIT03 07CR41-C12

57160001-NF DSDO115 3BSE008552R1 DI811 SPDSI14 07DC91

57120001-EY DSAO120 3BSE020508R1 DI801 IMSED01 07KP60R101

57160001-AAA DSDI110A 3BSE022360R1 DI802 PBA800 07KP90

57120001-AT DSAO110 3BSE018100R1 PM860K01 INICT03A 07KR264

YM322001-EE PFSK 107/5693499-AFA 3BSC610067R1 SD834 IEPAS02 07KR51

PFSC102 3BSE038226R1 SS823 PMKHRMBRC3000B 07KT92

PFSC101 3BSE013235R1 TU831V1 PMKHRMBRC3000A 07KT94 GJR5252100R3261

57310255-AL 3BSE0020514R1 AO801 IMMFP12 07KT98 GJR5253100R0160

DSSR122 48990001-NK 57120001-FC DSTA170 PFEA113-20 07KT98-S GJR5253100R2260

57310001  DSTC176 3BSE038415R1 AO810V2 TU810V1 07MK92 GATS110098R0161

PFSC106A PP835A AI835 ABB 086348-001

DSTK150 3BSE018103R1 CI853K01 LPS01 ABB 086364-001

DSTK153 3BSE018126R1 TP853 INNPM12 170M5388/PC72UD13C250T 3AUA0000090404

3BSE000470R1 PFBK105 3BSE037760R1 TB840A IMHSS03 1TGE120010R1000

3BSE00469R1 PFBK164 3BHB007211R101 XVC768101 IMDSI22 35AE92

PFBI161 3BSE000467R1/K 3BHB007211R102 XVC768102 IMMFP02 3ADT313900R1501 SDCS-CON-4

3BSE000472R1 PFBK162 3BHE006412R0101 UFC762AE101 IMPMON01 3BHE014105R0001 AC10272001R0101 5SXE08-0167 5SGY55L4500

3BSE000471R1 PFBK161 3BHB007209R0101 XVC767AE102 07KT98 3BHL000390P0104 3BHB003154R0101 5SHX1960L0004

5N8D2392P001-B/MPU-D 3ADT309600R0012 SDCS-CON-2B AI810 3BSE001245R1 3BSC640008R1

AF04LE 1KHL015545R0001 3ADT306000R1 SDCS-FEX-1 TU830V1 3DDE 300 402 CMA122

TPSG4AI 1KHL015623R0001 DAI03 TC625 3BSE002224R1 3DDE 300 403 CMA123

DSPP4LQ HENF209736R0003 DAI01 PFSA145 3BSE008843R1 3DDE 300 407 CMA127

PxRFP4LR 1KHL015107R0001 DCP10 TP830 3HAC021905-001/05

P7LC 1KHL015000R0001/ 1KHL016425R0001 DFI01 SD821 3HAC028954-004/03

3BSE000468R1 PFBK168/3BSE001654R1 DAO01 3BHE009681R0101/3BHB018162/5SHY4045L0001 3HNA013638-001 SMU-03

NSD570 DAI04 CMA121 3DDE300401 3HNM00148-01

HENF105323R0002 P7LA  HENF209556R0002 P1LA DLM02 CMA122 3DDE300402 APBU-44C 64669982F

3BSE000468R1 PFBK168 3BSE001654R1 3DDE300400 CMA120 CMA123 3DDE300403 BRC410 SPBRC410

3BHE014105R0001 5SHX26L4510 5SXE05-0154 3DDE300402 CMA122 CMA124 3DDE300404 BSM80C-275AFX

DSSR122 DSFR197 3BSE019297R1 48990001-NK 3DDE300403 CMA123 CMA125 3DDE300405 C100/0100/STD

DSBB172B 3BSE014017R1 3DDE300405 CMA125 CMA126 3DDE300406 C100/0200/STD

DSTC176 57310001-KT 3DDE300406 CMA126 CMA127 3DDE300407 C1900/0363 C1900/0363/0360A

DSAX110A 3BSE018291R1 3DDE300407 CMA127 CMA128 3DDE300408 C300/0010/STD

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