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4351B Triconex Hot models buy now


Item NO.:4351B


Lead Time:7400207-001

Product Orgin:USA

Payment:T/T 、Western Union

Warranty : one year

Shipping Detail: Fedex and UPS etc

  • 4351B

4351B Triconex Hot models buy now

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Name:Trixie Tin

Tel:+86-135 9950 7613

Email: trixie@cambia.cn(SKYPE)Mobile/Whatsapp:+86-135 9950 7613

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  • Product highligh

  • Good  Service

  • Brand new and original in box

  • 2-3 days against the payment

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Telegram transfer

  • Worldwide Shipping

  • Emergency Shipping

  • Full Tested

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We are thought leaders in the world of automation manufacturing

and drive conversation globally. No matter how complex your

problem, our highly experienced team draw on years of industry

knowledge to find the most effective solution.

Our main products

----(DCS)Distributed Control System

ABB/Invensys Foxboro/Invensys Triconex/Westinghouse/Woodword/HIMA/Yokogawa/Honeywell/Emerson

----(PLC)Programmable Logic Controller

Rockwell Allen-Bradley/Schneider Modicon/GE Fnauc/Siemens/Prosoft/Bachmann/Woodhead

----(TSI)Turbocharger Stratified Injection

Bently Nevada/EPRO/ENTEK

We major in many brands as below, Allen-Bradley, Bently Nevada, ABB, Honeywell, ICS TRIPLEX, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Bailey, Triconex, GE Fanuc, etc.
Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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