Triconex Invensys 4000093-310 Input Cable Assembly

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Triconex Invensys 4000093-310 Input Cable Assembly
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  • Triconex 3708E, Triconex 4329, TCM 4353

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Product Details

* Triconex Invensys 4000093-310 Input Cable Assembly

* Manufacturer: Invensys

* Series: Triconex

DescriptionModel No.
Chassis Assemblies
Main Chassis, High-Density Configuration, includes the Tricon printed manuals8110
Expansion Chassis, High-Density Configuration8111
Expansion Chassis, Enhanced Low-Density Configuration8121
Remote Expansion Chassis, High-Density Configuration8112
I/O Bus Expansion Cables (Set of 3)90001
I/O-COMM Bus Expansion Cables (Set of 3)9001
Blank I/O Slot Panel8105
Digital Input Modules
115 VAC/VDC Opto-Isolated, Non-CommonedTMR 3501E/3501T
48 VAC/VDC Commoned in Groups of 8, Self-TestTMR 3502E
24 VAC/VDC Commoned in Groups of 8, Self-TestTMR 3503E
24/48 VDC High-Density, DC CoupledTMR 3504E
24 VDC Low Threshold with Self-test, CommonedTMR 3505E
24 VDC Single, Opto-Isolated, CommonedSingle 3564
Pulse Input Differential, AC CoupledTMR 3511
Pulse Totalizer Opto-isolated, Non-commonedTMR 3515
115 VAC Opto-Isolated, Non-commonedTMR 3601E/3601T
120 VDC Opto-Isolated, Non-commoned
Opto-Isolated, Commoned
TMR 3603B,


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Invensys 4000093-310

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