T8310 ICS Triplex Trusted Expander Processor T8311

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T8310 ICS Triplex Trusted Expander Processor T8311
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  • T8461 , T9110 , T9451 , T3481 , T8151C

We are best ICS Triplex T8310 T8311 suppliers, Brand new and original. 6 pieces are available.
T3401 | T3481 | T7481A | T8100 | T8110B | T8151B | T8151C | T8310 | T8311 | T8331
Trusted TMR 24 Vdc Digital Output Module - 40 Channel T8461 T8461C

T8310 ICS Triplex Trusted Expander Processor T8311


• Triple Modular Redundant (TMR), fault tolerant (3-2-0) operation.

• Hardware Implemented Fault Tolerant (HIFT) architecture.

• Dedicated hardware and software test regimes which provide very fast fault recognition and

  response times.

• Automatic fault handling without nuisance alarming.

• Hot replacement.

• Front Panel indicators that show module health and status

Your Cambia Solution

Process safety systems are an integral part of your plant. It is important to maintain current systems or upgrade legacy systems. 

We support ICS Triplex® legacy systems in many ways. Spare parts, phone support is your service options. 

Whether your goal is to upgrade, modernize or simply support your current ICS Triplex system, we can help support your business goals.

ICS TRIPLEX Advantage Products

T8451               ICS TRIPLEX               T3401               ICS TRIPLEX

T8461               ICS TRIPLEX               T3481               ICS TRIPLEX

T8461C             ICS TRIPLEX               T7481A            ICS TRIPLEX

T8480               ICS TRIPLEX               T8100               ICS TRIPLEX

T8480C             ICS TRIPLEX               T8110B            ICS TRIPLEX

T9110               ICS TRIPLEX               T8151B             ICS TRIPLEX

T9402               ICS TRIPLEX               T8151C             ICS TRIPLEX

T9432               ICS TRIPLEX               T8310               ICS TRIPLEX

T9451               ICS TRIPLEX               T8311               ICS TRIPLEX

T9802               ICS TRIPLEX               T8331               ICS TRIPLEX

T9832               ICS TRIPLEX               T8403               ICS TRIPLEX

T9852               ICS TRIPLEX               T8431               ICS TRIPLEX


You Want to Know

Warranty: one year

Condition: brand new and original

Delivery time: Ship Today

Payment term: T/T

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