Rockwell ICS Triplex T3401 T3481 T3310 Regent Module

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Rockwell ICS Triplex T3401 T3481 T3310 Regent Module
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  • T9402, T9432, T9451, T9802, T8461, T8451

ICS Triplex T3401 T3481 T3310 are in stock with 1 year warranty. Products are brand new and original. Are you interested?
Rockwell ICS Triplex T9832 T9852 T3401 T3481 T3310 T8431 T8451 T8461 T8461C T8480 T8480C T8100 T8110B T8151B T8151C T8310

T3401 T3481 T3310 ICS TRIPLEX Rockwell Module

In stock 

MOQ 1 Pcs 

100% new factory sealed 

Warranty: 12 months




Dimensions      3.2x26.8x35.5cm

Weight 1.31 kg



Dimensions      3.3x26.8x36cm

Weight 1.91 kg



Dimensions      3.3x26.8x36cm

Weight 1.32 kg



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ICS Triplex T3401


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Tested Products Before Shipment
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