Invensys Triconex 4351B 4352B Communication Module

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Invensys Triconex 4351B 4352B Communication Module
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Triconex 4351B

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Triconex History

Tricon Communication Modules

(TCM) support a number of Triconex protocols and applications

and user-written applications on Ethernet (802.3) networks,

including TriStation, Modbus TCPand OPC. It also supports RS-232

and RS-485 serial communication with Modbus devices, TriStation

1131, and GPS for time synchronization


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TCM Specifications

Model Number 4351A, 4351B, 4352A, 4352B, 4353, 4354
Serial ports4, RS-232/RS-485 ports, DB-9 connectors
Network ports2, 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports, RJ-45 connectors (Models 4351A,
4351B, 4353)
2, fiber-optic mode Ethernet ports, MT-RJ connectors with 62.5/125
um fiber cables (Models 4352A, 4352B, 4354)
Port isolation500 VDC
ProtocolsTriStation, Modbus, TCP/IP, ICMP, SNTP, TSAA (with support for IP
Multicast), Trimble GPS, Embedded OPC Server (Models 4353 and
4354), Peer-to-Peer (UDP/IP), Peer-to-Peer Time Synchronization, Jet
Direct (network printing)
Modbus functions
01 — Read Coil Status 06 — Modify Register Content
02 — Read Input Status 07 — Read Exception Status
03 — Read Holding Registers 08 — Loopback Diagnostic Test
04 — Read Input Registers 15 — Force Multiple Coils
05 — Modify Coil Status 16 — Preset Multiple Registers
Copper Ethernet ports: 10/100 Mbps (Model 4353 supports only 100
Fiber Ethernet ports: 100 Mbps
Serial ports: up to 115.2 Kbps per port
Status IndicatorsPASS, FAULT, ACTIVE, FIRM
LINK— 1 per network port, TX (Transmit) — 1 per port,
RX (Receive) — 1 per port

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