Honeywell FSC FC-SAI-1620M FCTSAI1620M Analog Input

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Honeywell FSC FC-SAI-1620M FCTSAI1620M Analog Input
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CC-PAIN01 , CC-PAOH01 , CC-PDIL01, CC-PDOB01 , CC-TAID01 , CC-TAIX01, CC-TCNT01 , FC-PDB-0824P , FC-SDO-0824, 8U-TAIMA1 ,8U-TAOXA1, 8U-TAOXB1, 8U-TAIDB1,Bently Nevada: 3500/94, 3500/93 135799-01, 3500/92, 3500/77M 140734-07, 3500/72M 176449-08

FC-SAI-1620M  FC-TSAI-1620M

SAI-1620m AI FC-TSAI-1620m Fail-Safe 0(4)-20mA Analog Input, 16channels



SAI-1620m AI FC-TSFIRE-1624 Fail-Safe Fire Detector Input with Line Monitoring, 24Vdc, 16channels

SAI-1620m AI FC-TSGAS-1624 Fail-Safe Gas-Flame Detector Input, 0-20mA, 16channels

SAI-1620m AI FC-TSHART-1620m Fail-Safe 0(4)-20mA Analog Input with HART Interface, 16channels

SAI-1620m AI FC-TSGASH-1624 Safe Gas -Flame detector input FTA (0 - 20 mA, 16 channels) with HART interface


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