Allen Bradley 1756-RMC3 ControlLogix Cable 3m 1756-RMC1

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Allen Bradley 1756-RMC3 ControlLogix Cable 3m 1756-RMC1
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  • 1756-OB32, 1756-L73, 1756-OF8, 1756-LSP

Allen-Bradley 1756-RMC3 (1756-RMC1), Buy new Call 8613599507613 or email.
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ControlLogix Cable 1756-RMC3 1756-RMC1

High performance, easy to use environment cable

Allen-Bradley 1756-RMC3

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PanelView 2711, 2711P  series

ProSoft  MVI69 PS69 MVI56 MVI94 MVI71 MVI46 3150

ICS TRIPLEX T8431 T8461 T3401 T8310

Product Description: 

The Allen Bradley 1756RMC3 is a basic component that is used in assembly of the ControlLogixRedundant

Programmable Controller Systems. The fiber optic cable is manufactured under theControlLogix series 

redundancy modules and it is a part of the Bulletin 1756-RMCX cables.

Description: 1756-rmc3 ControlLogix 3 m RM Fiber Optic Cable


Weight:0.15 kg

1756-RMC3 Fuction:

The cable is used as a connector for the ControlLogix redundancy modules 

when the chassis pairs and their components are used. it comes in varying lengths and 

since it’s not packaged with any modules, should be ordered separately prior to starting the control system building.


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