Allen Bradley 1756-A7 1756-A13 ControlLogix Chassis

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Allen Bradley 1756-A7 1756-A13 ControlLogix Chassis
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  • 27pcs
  • 1757-FIMRTP . 1769-ECR . 1769-IF16C

Chassis 1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A10, 1756-A13, 1756-A17 Chassis are in stock.
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1756-OA16 . 1756-OA16I . 1756-OA8D . 1756-OA8E . 1756-OB16D . 1756-OB16E
1756-OB16I . 1756-OB16IF . 1756-OB16IS . 1756-OB32 . 1756-OF8 . 1756-OX8I

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Allen Bradley 1756-A7

technical data

1756 controllogix chassis specificationscatalog numbers 1756-a4/b, 1756-a4k/b, 1756-a4/c, 1756-a4k/c, 

1756-a7/b, 1756-a7k/b, 1756-a7/c, 1756-a7k/c, 1756-a10/b,1756-a10k/b, 1756-a10/c, 1756-a10k/c, 

1756-a13/b, 1756-a13k/b, 1756-a13/c, 1756-a13k/c, 1756-a17/b, 1756-a17k/b,1756-a17/c, 1756-a17k/c, 

1756-a4lxt/b, 1756-a5xt/b, 1756-a7lxt/b, 1756-a7xt/b, 1756-a7xt/c, 1756-a10xt/c

the controllogix® system is a modular system that requires a 1756 controllogix chassis. 

the chassis are designed foronly horizontal back-panel mounting. place any module into any slot. 

the backplane provides a high-speedcommunication path between modules.

highly recommend

allen-bradley  *  bently nevada  *  ics triplex  *  honeywell
1756-m143500/45 176449-04t7481a8c-tdoda1
1756-m16se3500/45 140072-04t8100cc-pain01
1756-oa163500/42m 176449-02t8151ccc-pdob01
1756-oa16i3500/42m 140734-02t8310cc-taid01
1756-oa8e3500/42 135489-01t8331cc-tcnt01
1756-ob16d3500/42 125972-02t8403fc-pdb-0824p
1756-ob16e3500/42 125672-02t8431fc-sdo-0824
1756-ob16ief3500/40m 176449-01t8461ff-srs59252
1756-ob16if3500/40mt8461cfsc 10024/h/f
1756-ob16s3500/33 149986-01t8480cmc-paoy22
1756-ob32/a3500/32m 149986-02t9402mc-pd1x02
1756-of6ci3500/25 149369-01t9451mc-taih04
1756-of6vi3500/25 125792-01t9802mc-taih14
1756-of8h3500/22m 288055-01t9852mc-taoy22
1756-of8i3500/22m 138607-0110024/f/fmc-taoy25
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