ABB TU845 3BSE021447R1 Termination Unit

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ABB TU845 3BSE021447R1 Termination Unit
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ABB TU845 3BSE021447R1 Termination Unit


TU845 3BSE021447R1

General Information 

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ABB Type Designation:


Catalog Description:

TU845 Module Termination Unit, MTU, for redundant applications, 50V.

Project Origin:sweden



-------TU845 3BSE021447R1-------

-------TU845 3BSE021447R1-------

-------TU845 3BSE021447R1-------



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AI810 Analog Input 1*8 channels.

AI815 Analog Input 1*8 channels.

AI820 Analog Input differential 1*4 channels.

AI825 Analog Input 4*1 channels

AI830A     Analog Input 1*8 ch

AI835 Analog Input 1*8 ch Thermocouple (TC)

AI843 Analog Input 1*8 ch Thermocouple (TC)

AI845 Analog Input 1*8 channels

AI890 Analog Input 1*8 channels

AI893 Analog Input 1*8 channels

AI895 Analog Input 1*8 channels

AI880A     High Integrity Analog Input 1*8 channels



SD831      3BSC610064R1

SD832      3BSC610065R1

SD833      3BSC610066R1

SD834      3BSC610067R1

SS832 3BSC610068R1

AI893 3BSC690141R1

AI895       3BSC690086R1

AO895      3BSC690087R1


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