ABB DSBC110 57310256-E DSBC111 Termination Module

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ABB DSBC110 57310256-E DSBC111 Termination Module
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Cambia have ABB DSBC110 57310256-E available to buy from our SLC500 section. Buy online now with next day delivery available for in stock products.
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ABB DSBC110 57310256-E 

DSBC111 Termination Module


General Information

Product ID: 57310256-EABB DSBC110 57310256-E

ABB Type Designation: DSBC 11

Catalog Description: DSBC 11 Bus Repeter Kit

Product Net Weight: 0.7 kg

Country of Origin: Sweden (SE)

Technical Information

DSBC 11 Bus Repeter Kit
Set incl.
1 pc 57310256-E    DSBC 110

1 pc 57310256-K    DSBC 111
1 pc 26390603-C    DSTK 151


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 ABB DSBC 110 57310256-E

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Thoughtful Customers Service
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