allen bradley 1747-l532

  • Rockwell Allen Bradley 1747-L532 1747-L533

    Rockwell Allen Bradley 1747-L532 1747-L533

    Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 CPU Controller, bottom price here! Brand new and original. 1756-PA72, 1756-PA75, 1756-PA75R, 1756-PAR2, 1756-PB72,1756-PB75, 1762-IF4, 1762-IQ16, 1762-IQ32T, 1762-IQ8,1762-IQ8OW6, 1762-IT4, 1762-OA8, 1762-OB16,1762-OB32T,1762-OB8, 1762-OF4, 1762-OW8, 1768-L43S, 1768-L45,1768-L45S, 1768-M04SE, 1768-PA3, 1768-PB3, 1769-IF16C,1769-IF4, 1769-IF4XOF2, 1769-IM12, 1769-IQ16, 1769-IQ32,1769-L34ER, 1769-L35CR, 1769-L35E, 1769-L36ERM, 1769-OA8

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