What is DCS control system


What is DCS control system ?

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DCS control system sounds very complicated, but it is a comprehensive control system that integrates 4C technologies, including computer, communication, display and control.

But it is simple, really want to achieve DCS control system is relatively complex, small make up of DCS control system is not particularly proficient, we invited this expert, experts to explain what is DCS control system, and DCS control system how to apply a series of problems.

What is DCS control system?

DCS control System is short for DistributedControl System. It is commonly known as DistributedControl System in China.

It is a multilevel Computer system composed of process Control level and process monitoring level and linked by Communication network. It integrates Computer, Communication, display (CRT), Control and other 4C technologies. Its basic ideas are decentralized Control, centralized operation, hierarchical management, flexible configuration and convenient configuration.

DCS control system mainly consists of field control station (I/O station), data communication system, man-machine interface unit (operator station OPS, engineer station ENS), cabinet, power supply and other components.

The system has an open architecture and can provide multi-layer open data interface.

The hardware system of DCS control system has high reliability, convenient maintenance and advanced technology in harsh industrial field.

The underlying Chinese software platform has powerful processing functions, and provides convenient configuration of complex control system and support ability of user self-developed special control algorithm.

Easy to configure, easy to use.

Support for multiple fieldbus standards to accommodate future expansion needs.

DCS control system is designed with appropriate redundancy configuration and self-diagnosis function up to module level, which has high reliability.

Failure of any component in the system will not affect the work of the whole system.

The parameters, alarm, self-diagnosis and other management functions of DCS control system are highly concentrated on CRT display and printer printing. The control system is truly decentralized in function and physics. The utilization rate of the whole DCS system is at least 99.9%.

With an average trouble-free time of 100,000 hours, the system has achieved complete monitoring in many fields including nuclear power, electricity, thermoelectricity, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy and building materials.

The large control system is divided into several relatively independent subsystems with high-speed real-time redundancy network. One subsystem constitutes a domain, each domain shares management and operation data, and each domain is a DCS system with complete functions, so as to better meet users' use.

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