Vecow introduces ivh-9204mx ICY series embedded system for rail transit


Vecow introduces ivh-9204mx ICY series embedded system for rail transit

The ivh-9204mx ICY series, a new generation of embedded systems for rail transit, is being launched with a grand opening today.It is equipped with Intel ® C236 chipset of workstation grade, which can be flexibly equipped with four core Intel ® to strong ®/ core ™ i7/i5/i3 processors. 

The workstation grade computing efficiency fully meets the requirements of European rail transit application EN50155 & en45545-2 specification, complete functional equipment, comprehensive intelligent system protection function, super strong industrial control product design.

The super ivh-9204mx ICY series is an effective tool for advanced embedded solutions in harsh environments such as automatic train driving, track detection system, train communication system, passenger information system, pantograph detection, AIoT correlation and industry 4.0.

  • Workstation rating performance

  • Product features are highly integrated

  • Intelligent system protection function

  • Strong grade product design

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