[Two Chinese giant pandas stay at the Denmark zoo]


   [Two Chinese giant pandas stay at theDenmark zoo]

     The 5-year-old female panda "Mao Er" and the 6-year-old male panda "Xing Er" arrived in Denmark by air last week and stayed at the Copenhagen Zoo. On April 10th, Mao Er and Xing Er appeared at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Queen Margaret II of Denmark cut the ribbon at the scene. It is understood that "Mao Er" and "Xing Er" will participate in a 15-year research project in Denmark.

[Two Chinese giant pandas stay at the Denmark zoo]Giant panda, the only mammal of the genus Carnivora, the bear family, the giant panda subfamily and the giant panda. The body color is black and white. It has round cheeks, large dark circles, chubby body, and iconic The inner eight-character walking method also has scalpel-like sharp claws. It is one of the most lovely animals in the world.

The giant panda removes half of the time of eating every day, and most of the remaining half of it is spent in sleep. In the wild, the giant panda sleeps for 2 to 4 hours in the middle of every two meals. Lying flat, lying on the side, lying on the back, stretching or smashing into a ball are all the way they like to sleep.

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[Two Chinese giant pandas stay at the Denmark zoo][Two Chinese giant pandas stay at the Denmark zoo][Two Chinese giant pandas stay at the Denmark zoo]

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