TMR Digital Output Modules 3604E


TMR Digital Output Modules 3604E

Each TMR Digital Output (DO) module receives output signals from the Mai Processors on each of three channels. Each set of three signals is then voted by special quadruplicated output circuitry on the module. The circuitry produces one voted output signal and passes it to the field termina- tion. The quadruplicated voter circuitry provides multiple redundancy for all critical signal paths, guaranteeing safety and maximum availability. Each TMR Digital Output Module has a voltage-loopback circuit which veri- fies the operation of each output switch independently of the presence of a load and determines whether latent faults exist. Failure of the detected field voltage to match the commanded state of the output point activates the LOAD/FUSE alarm indicator.


In addition, ongoing diagnostics are performed on each channel and circuit of a TMR Digital Output Module. Failure of any diagnostic on any channel activates the Fault indicator, which in turn activates the chassis alarm signal. The Fault indicator merely indicates a channel fault, not a module failure. The module is guaran- teed to operate properly in the presence of a single fault and may continue to operate properly with certain kinds of multiple faults. All TMR Digital Output Modules support hot-spare capability, and require a separate external termination panel (ETP) with a cable interface to the Tricon backplane. Each module is mechanically keyed to prevent improper installation in a configured chassis.

Digital outputs are designed to source the current to field devices, so field power must be wired to each output point on the field termination. 

16-Point Digital Output Module Specifications



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