The protection of the most beautiful wetlands practices garbage classification


WuYuanWan wetland park is the largest park and wetland ecological park in Xiamen.It not only shows beautiful scenery to people, but also bears the responsibility of protecting the bay and the environment. Because of the beautiful scenery and open park, a large number of tourists come here to play, and a large amount of garbage comes with it.

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In order to protect wuyuanwan wetland park, our company organizes the activity of "protecting the most beautiful wetland and practicing garbage classification", which is carried out in WuYuanWan wetland park with some children.

On Sunday morning, after all the environmental protection volunteers gather, they will be given garbage clips, garbage bags and other tools.In the cleaning activities, everyone hands a garbage bag, carefully clean up the roadside, pedestrian path and bike path on both sides of the cigarette scraps, plastic bags and cracks are not easy to see cigarette butts and other garbage.In the process of picking up, encounter uncivilized behavior, take the initiative to persuade, with "protect beautiful homeland, from my childhood start" the actual action to infect people around.

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