The History and Future of Schneider Electric


The History and Future of Schneider Electric

Schneider electric, a 19th century global expert in energy efficiency management and automation.

In 1836, the schneider brothers founded the Crusoe foundry in France to enter the steel industry and become a leader in the steel and machinery industries.

Later, "Schneider & Cie entered the emerging electrical market.


Shi jia was born in the period of the first industrial revolution. Shi jia, who grew up in this era, honed its commendable spirit of innovation.

Over the next 180 years, several generations of schneider electric people have successfully transformed the business for nearly two centuries. Through unremitting efforts, technical expertise and the combination with the advantages of the m&a business, not only schneider electric changed the world, but also the whole world.

Today, schneider electric Is always adhering to this spirit of enterprise, making every effort to promote ubiquitous innovation and ensure the realization of "Life Is On".

Schneider's Products

140CPS11420 | 140DDO35301

140CRP81100 | 140CPU67160

140CRA93200 | 140CPU42402

140DAI74000 | TSXETZ410

140CRP93200 | TSXAEM1613TSX-AEM1613

140CPU43412A | 140CPU67861

140DAI75300 | TSXP4720

140DDI85300 | ME4U07AAA

140CPU65260 | AS-J890-101

140CPU11302 | XBTGT2220

140NOE77111 | AS-S908-110

140ARI03010 | AS-B805-016

140DDI35300 | PCI-85

140ACI04000 | 140NOC78000

BMXFTB2010 | 140DDO36400

140ACO02000 | 140ACO13000

140NOE77101 | 140CRP93100

140DDO35300 | 140CRA21220

140ACI05100SC | LXM15MD28N4


140NOM21200 | 416NHM30032

140NOE77110 | TSX4740

140CPS52400 | TSXDEY16D2

140CPS11100 | MA-0329-001

140CHS11000 | MA-0185-100

140AVO02000 | 140NRP95400

AM-SA85-000 | 140ERT85420

140DAO84000 | 140DRA84000

140DAI55300 | 140CRA31200

140CPU53414A | 140CRA21110

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