Siemens: five major capabilities to create the strongest industry ecology in the digital era


At present, digital transformation has become one of the hottest topics. A series of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, "cloud" and machine learning are gradually penetrating into various traditional industries, and digital transformation has also become a "continuation" to test the desire for survival in all walks of life.

On July 16, 2019, Siemens held the "2019 industrial network expert program BBS" in Beijing fang heng holiday hotel. This year BBS Shared many cutting-edge technologies and advanced solutions with experts in the field of industrial communication under the theme of "seeing the future through the Internet".Dr. Jun yao, vice President of Siemens (China) digital industry group and general manager of process automation division, said, "through the industrial network expert program, Siemens will work with partners to build an industrial communication network ecosystem in the digital era and facilitate the implementation of digital transformation of enterprises."

Five modules help build the industrial network

Industrial Internet is the key path to promote digital transformation, but what kind of industrial network can meet customer needs?As the world's leading supplier of digital solutions, Siemens can provide users with complete industrial communications network solutions services, including: expert industrial communication and recognition products, industrial network industry expert experience and knowledge, one-stop industrial network services, industrial network experts partner development plan and training and certification system of the five modules.


The products we have

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