Schneider electric attended the second import expo with a number of "black technology" appearance


  Beijing, China, November 1, 2019, China International Import ExpoCIIE. It is about to open in Shanghai.Schneider electric, a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, will appear in the intelligent manufacturing and solution exhibition area with the theme of "creating a win-win · digital era", bringing a number of "black technologies" covering the power grid, green intelligent manufacturing, infrastructure, buildings, IT and other fields. Based on its technical expertise, schneider electric will demonstrate that digital innovation will accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries and promote the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, thereby promoting high-quality development in China.


Schneider electric attended the second import expo with a number of

Since the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, China's achievements in social, economic, scientific, technological and cultural fields have attracted worldwide attention. China has become a powerful engine of global economic growth and one of the most important markets of schneider electric in the world.Schneider electric has been rooted in China for 32 years, meeting and leading local market demands and promoting industrial development through a firm localization strategy.

Under the new era of digital economy, schneider electric through digital innovation, hand in hand to the local ecological partners "friends", as IT can assign OT, power industries in the real economy of the digital transformation, not only promote the traditional industry to accelerate the upgrade, but also deep strategic emerging industries and for industrial scale expands rapidly, provide support to the demand of the industrial chain of high-end upgrades.From large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, customers from all industries have used schneider electric digital solutions to achieve transformation and upgrade, improve the core competitiveness, such as China mobile, China unicom, China building materials, baowu group, jinwang group, xiaomi group, hanwei technology and yili dairy.

In schneider electric platform, the audience just move your finger, you can through to the electrical grid, factories, medical, commercial buildings, hotels, the IT industry such as application scenarios, intuitive feelings of schneider electric to the charm of the "black" of science and technology, zero distance, visitors can experience how schneider electric's leading digital technology help industries to achieve more efficient, more green, more intelligent development, and bring economic benefits and environmental benefits of double harvest.


Intelligent building solutions: schneider electric USES "hard nuclear technology" to build future high-quality intelligent buildings, making users more comfortable and managers more assured.EcoStruxure based architecture and platform, and suitable for commercial building industry of intelligent building solutions, through the unified IP architecture, powerful digital technology and fusion, carried a "strong and weak electricity integration" more black unique technology, realize the building internal system such as the transformer room originally independent, light control, building control, hvac, security and other weak current system integration management and decentralized control, flexible use of comparing the real-time data analysis and processing, professional operation of more wisdom, effectively improve the user experience, energy saving efficiency and the level of fine management, further enhance the commercial value of the asset at the same time,Help build more attractive commercial buildings.

By constantly improving the technologies of safe and reliable operation, distributed energy control and optimized energy control, micro-grid realizes the integration of efficient distributed energy and flexible control, so as to effectively reduce the cost of local renewable energy and meet the expectations of economic, low-carbon and safe global energy transformation.Micro-grid attaches great importance to the measurement of power quality, which requires rapid and accurate measurement of active power and reactive power, frequency, current and voltage level to achieve appropriate power quality control and automation.

Distribution Internet of things solution: with "low and medium voltage integration" as the core, the power supply continuity and power quality are more guaranteed, and the end user can have a better experience.Use of advanced digital technology, formed a complete three-tier architecture, implementation from 35 kv to 400 v low voltage integration in power distribution network monitoring, through equipment interconnection, global awareness and provide 7 x24 hours non-stop condition monitoring and accurate data collection, and the use of industrial Ethernet for low cost, low power consumption, low latency and stable data transmission, make the information more quickly fusion penetration;Make full use of digital technology and edge control system to quickly find and timely deal with faults. The system can be monitored remotely by mobile phone, and the power quality can be optimized anytime and anywhere to improve the continuity of power supply and realize lean operation and maintenance.In addition, in promoting the performance of distribution network at the same time, schneider electric will also can help enterprises to further mining customer needs, provide innovative service, full service, full network for distribution network, the whole process of intelligent upgrade support, in the implementation of low voltage terminal in access, holographic condition, fault accurate perception judgment and heal quickly, and ultimately improve customer profitability.

Green intelligent manufacturing solution: the customized production line of digital drinks brought by schneider electric is a miniature version of the real digital factory, which will show the concept of green intelligent manufacturing to the audience.Viewers will be able to customize drinks with different recipes and flavors and track production and energy consumption data via their mobile phones.The production line can not only realize flexible production scheduling, order management, customized production, formula management, but also can carry out order tracking, electronic batch records, performance evaluation, energy management, CIP online cleaning, equipment life cycle management, to meet the professional needs of the food and beverage industry.Its features include:

- full transparent integration from order to production, end-to-end digital production;

- flexible process formulation management, batch management, automatic production scheduling to achieve flexible production;

- accurate linkage between order and equipment energy management and quality control;

-electronic batch record to realize production batch management and order tracking;

-machine consultant to ensure equipment lifecycle management and operation and maintenance;

- CIP online cleaning consultant to ensure efficient and energy-saving equipment and pipeline cleaning between batches;

-install lamp watch to realize intelligent alarm, improve maintenance personnel experience.

Edge computing solution: the rapid development of all things zhilian makes the rapid development of edge computing. For the application and implementation of edge computing in a variety of environments and industries, schneider electric will launch the intelligent miniature data center and fengyunhui digital management platform to facilitate the digital transformation of customers:

- new generation IMDC (intelligent miniature data center) : adopting the integrated design concept, it is composed of several subsystems such as refrigeration, power supply, power distribution, cabinet and airflow management, environmental monitoring and data center operation and maintenance service management platform.This is schneider electric based on modular data center, combining with local human intelligent controller and remote cloud digital operations for calculating the edge oriented service build new intelligent solutions, will provide a more simple and flexible selection, operation and service, can be widely used in medical, finance, retail, education, government, public security and media industries, help to meet customer demand growth in the era of connectivity data.

- "fengyun hui" digital service platform: "fengyun hui" is schneider electric's IT infrastructure digital service cloud platform based on EcoStruxure architecture, which is not only suitable for edge computing, but also suitable for different IT environments such as traditional data center.Fengyunhui monitors and manages the complete IT infrastructure by implementing a single interface for the unified management of multiple micro data centers.The collection, storage, analysis and cloud visualization of key data such as power supply and distribution, refrigeration and environment enable users to pay attention to the state and change of their IT infrastructure anytime and anywhere.At the same time, the maintenance plan and work order are processed in the cloud to realize effective support for the customer's IT infrastructure business and equipment management. As the name says, "wind and grass move, the cloud is fully visible, and the operation and maintenance are converged", which solves the challenges of numerous edge data center sites and difficult maintenance.

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