Rockwell automation's digital solution


The three-day 2019 world intelligent manufacturing conference concluded in nanjing, capital of east China's jiangsu province, Oct. 19, 2019.Guided by "global vision, China strategy and jiangsu exploration", the world intelligent manufacturing conference is committed to building a diversified and open platform for exchanges and cooperation.

This conference includes four sections, namely, the smart world summit, the smart world press conference, the smart world expo and the smart world carnival. Leading experts, leading enterprises and authoritative institutions in the field of intelligent manufacturing are invited to participate in the conference, so as to create a top-level event for exchanges and cooperation in the transformation and upgrading of the global real economy.

Rockwell automation's digital solution

Intelligence brought the world expo held over the same period, rockwell automation by transformation from digital to the underlying infrastructure to the full depth of the upper industrial interconnection industry solutions, and the development of PTC joint FactoryTalk InnovationSuite software platform, and with the world's leading oilfield services provider schlumberger company joint venture a new company Sensia produces the support of the clouds and the edge of the process automation and lifecycle management automation solutions, to show its Internet enterprise digital solution.

Rockwell automation's digital solution

"Cold thinking" is needed for the smart craze

Earlier this year, the term "smart plus" first appeared in China's government work report, becoming a powerful engine driving the upgrading of China's traditional industries and the development of smart industries.However, the more intelligent the craze, the more "cold thinking" is needed.

Rockwell automation's digital solution

Digital "prescription" of "old Chinese medicine"

On October 18, the National Bureau of Statistics released macroeconomic data for September and the third quarter.Industrial production and consumption recovered somewhat in September, but GDP in the third quarter was only 6.0% year-on-year, lower than the market had expected, and the import and export data released earlier were still weak.Since the third quarter, due to the gradual impact of tariffs, China's economy has gradually increased downward pressure.

"The more downward pressure there is on the economy, the more challenges and demands our customers face, the more valuable we are as rockwell automation plays the role of the old doctor of medicine."Shi 'an vividly describes that rockwell automation first feels the pulse for customers, provides front-end interconnection consultation, builds intelligent manufacturing top-level design and standards for customers, and prescribing the right prescription.Then, we will provide targeted and in-depth industrial solutions from the digital transformation of the infrastructure at the bottom to the interconnection of the industry at the top, and help customers realize their landing.Of course, rockwell automation does not forget to return visit, provide customers with a full life cycle service, bring SEEE (Safety, Energy, Environmental, Efficiency) value to customers, and live a better life (profitability) on the basis of helping customers survive.

Rockwell automation's digital solution

We will turn innovation and technology into intellectual power

On the morning of October 18, the main leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and jiangsu province participated in the tour of the museum and had in-depth communication with the enterprises on site.

 Exhibition site, with the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, virtual/ar and represented the innovation of technology, artificial intelligence has been the main core business platform with rockwell automation depth fusion, which made "Internet enterprise" to the flexibility of production, the productivity of reliability and life cycle of asset to an unprecedented new level, and effectively reduce the cost and risk, let the customer with the easy to deploy intelligent manufacturing capacity decision market.

The connected world of data has changed the way we live and work, as well as our expectations.Capturing value from production and industrial iot data to meet growing expectations requires specialized industry expertise and end-to-end solutions.Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk InnovationSuite software platform, which integrates Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk® Analytics™, manufacturing execution systems (MES) platform, PTC ThingWorx and Vuforia AR technologies, enables companies to optimize their industrial operations and increase productivity by providing decision makers with improved data and insights.

Rockwell automation's digital solution

Earlier this year, rockwell automation acquired Emulate3D, an innovative engineering software developer for digital simulation and simulation of industrial automation systems. The highly realistic automation system simulation platform on site is the core product set of the latter.

According to on-site staff, the simulation platform of the highly realistic automation system integrates Demo3D VR virtual reality and augmented reality development platform, Demo3D design and display platform, Sim3D analysis and diagnosis platform, and Emulate3D automation control simulation platform.

With the help of different platforms, customers can improve system planning and decision making by using accurate simulation models, test the control system through simulation tests before installation, and conduct virtual tests of machine and system designs before manufacturing and automation costs actually occur and final designs are delivered.

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