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National Day holiday, say Beijing which scenic spot is the most popular?It must be daxing airport which has just been put into operation.As the "smart airport 3.0" project, intelligence has also become a highlight of daxing airport.From the building of the airport comprehensive transportation system to the optimization of various airport services, the concepts of wisdom, safety and convenience are implemented.

Self-service kiosk coverage is expected to reach 86%

Self-service baggage equipment will reach 76 percent

New smart technologies such as face recognition have been introduced in security channels

Passengers enter the terminal all the way to the gate

Can realize the whole process of self-help, paperless access

RFID luggage tracking system is adopted comprehensively

Realize the whole process of luggage tracking management

Passengers can check the status of their luggage through the APP

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Beijing daxing international airport has also established a unified operation information and data platform, which integrates the system data and information of relevant units, integrates big data analysis and other technologies, comprehensively grasps the information of flight operation status and various links of ground support, and realizes accurate information control and intelligent operation decision.

The "phoenix" spreading its wings to fly

Upon arrival at Beijing daxing international airport, it is not difficult to find that this is an excellent design, which inherits all the advantages of the modern airport, and also solves the traditional problems. In terms of aesthetics, it also has the characteristics of The Times and the nation.

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Step into the light of the phoenix

The design of daxing international airport is full of ingenuity, taking into account the operation guarantee under various weather and climate conditions, and has a number of world-first initiatives.Of course, the support of electric power system is indispensable.

It is power distribution, ventilation and lighting that make daxing airport light up and move, and make it more intelligent and convenient.

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In the power distribution room and power lighting distribution box in the core area of the airport (terminal, service building and parking building), ABB provides low-voltage distribution solutions, including Emax2 air circuit breaker, Tmax shell circuit breaker, S200 miniature circuit breaker and other low-voltage components.ABB has supplied 127 Unigear ZS1 medium-voltage switchgear units at China southern airlines' base in daxing international airport, Beijing, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the power system.

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As a member of the airport industry ecology, daxing airport is one of the main supplier of power distribution system, schneider electric EcoStruxureTM based architecture and platform with the airport industry solutions, created by combining more digitized technology and industry knowledge, and the whole life cycle tools, help the customer high quality construction, green peace, wisdom and humanity of "iv" at the airport.

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Siemens has provided Beijing daxing international airport with a hardware and software integrated intelligent building solution and a stable and reliable medium and low voltage power distribution equipment, escorting the efficient and safe operation of the airport.Siemens intelligent lighting system integrates the lighting equipment of tens of thousands of points loop, which can automatically control the lighting of terminals, transfer centers, parking buildings and other areas.Lighting equipment and flight linkage, and according to the flow of people automatically adjust the brightness.

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As a power equipment supplier of daxing airport, since 2016, zhengtai has been providing transmission and distribution equipment worth nearly 100 million yuan, including box substations, transformers, high voltage cabinets, low voltage cabinets and dc screens, to provide power guarantee for the efficient and safe operation of the airport.In the rain water pump station, flight area light station, open and close station and other functional areas, become the power transmission and distribution of "airport staff".

Feel the environment inside the airport is particularly comfortable?This is because of the support of our "good friend" danfoss behind the whole ventilation system.Danfoss provided 1400 VLT® HVAC Drive FC102 converters for the Beijing daxing international airport project.The equipment will serve the main terminal of the new airport, the five corridors connecting the boarding gate, and the air-conditioning, fan and water pump systems of various building units, including the integrated service building, the refrigeration station, the heat source plant and the parking building.

"Check-in" various "black technology"

In the check-in link, the whole process of self-service paperless.The airport is equipped with more than 400 self-service check-in machines and self-service check-in devices. Passengers only need to click on the touch screen on the electronic screen, swipe their id CARDS, successfully complete the printing of boarding passes, check in their luggage, and stick on the newly put into use radio frequency baggage strip to see where their luggage has gone.Passengers can get rid of paper boarding passes from the terminal to the gate.

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Sike provides daxing airport with a high-performance five-plane scanning camera system, a volume measurement system with multiple detection functions and a self-service check-in machine system.Automatic conveying bar code scanning and volume measurement device, with the ability of efficient identification of goods.The self-service check-in system (SBD) provides a complete sensor solution to read boarding passes, identify baggage tags (using lasers, cameras or RFID technology), detect oversized luggage, and determine the size and weight of luggage.

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No queuing, no moving boxes, no inspection, zero waiting, under normal circumstances only 3 to 4 seconds to quickly pass the customs, this is "non-inductive clearance".The infrared thermometer configured in the intelligent equipment of "non-inductive customs" is the IR236 series intelligent infrared body temperature detection system developed by domestic famous infrared thermal imaging system manufacturer gaolt infrared. It has many innovative functions such as multi-point target tracking, face recognition, high and low temperature detection and alarm.

"Your flight is about to take off."

The air traffic control system of daxing international airport is designed and built completely by our country and has reached the world advanced level.So what's so special about these air traffic control systems?

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FOD detection system is equipped in the construction process of Beijing daxing airport, which is a collection of all kinds of innovative technologies. It can detect foreign substances on the runway with a particle size of 2cm or smaller, which can effectively improve the prevention level of foreign substances on the runway.In this FOD detection system project, Moxa's high-performance switch products provide strong technical support for its data and network stability.In addition to the extensive application in FOD detection system, Moxa products are also fully "glowing and heating" in atc automation system and airport boundary control system of Beijing daxing airport.

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Beijing daxing airport automation system, the largest atc automation system in the world.For the first time, the automation system adopts the large-scale system scheme with the new "TCU" architecture, and introduces the AMAN subsystem completely independently developed by CLP air control.In addition, the "traffic light" on the runway, the a-smgcs advanced ground activity guidance and control system, is the first a-smgcs system in China to realize iv-level operation.

This massive infrastructure "miracle" cannot be achieved without the help of science and technology from many Chinese manufacturing enterprises.A large number of new technologies and processes are applied in daxing airport, which not only requires excellent product performance, but also requires the manufacturer to have a strong brand and a wide range of successful practices.Among them, numerous enterprises exert their efforts independently, which seem to be independent but gather into a powerful energy and promote the rapid construction of daxing airport.

"The classic of mountains and seas" there is a cloud: phoenix, see the world is peaceful.From the top of the sky, Beijing daxing international airport is like a phoenix.We can believe that more and more Chinese projects, Chinese creations and Chinese miracles are spreading all over the 9.6 million square kilometers of our great motherland!

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