Prosoft MVI56l E-MNET


Prosoft MVI56l E-MNET

Prosoft MVI56l E-MNET


Prosoft MVI56l E-MNET

ControlLogix Platform

Modbus TCP/IP Multi Client

Enhanced Communication Module






System Requirements

The MVI56E-MNETC module requires the following minimum hardware and software components:

√  Rockwell Automation ControlLogix® processor (firmware version 10 or higher), with compatible power supply, and one free slot in the rack for the MVI56E-MNETC module. The module requires 800 mA of available 5 Vdc power

√  Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000 programming software

o Version 16 or higher required for Add-On Instruction

o Version 15 or lower must use Sample Ladder, available from

√ Rockwell Automation RSLinx® communication software version 2.51 or higher

√ ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) (included)

√ ProSoft Discovery Service (PDS) (included in PCB)

√  Pentium® II 450 MHz minimum. Pentium III 733 MHz (or better) recommended 

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