Pepperl+Fuchs launched a low temperature version of L2 series ultrasonic sensors


Pepperl+Fuchs launched a low temperature version of L2 series ultrasonic sensors

Over the years, the VariKont L series has been synonymous with superior quality. The L2 series has been welcomed by the market as soon as it was launched, thanks to its strong, reliable and flexible features. 

When temperatures drop well below zero, using standard sensors can be risky. For low temperature sensor application requirements for the market response, pepperl + fuchs L2 ultrasonic sensor to upgrade again, new sensor is suitable for low temperature environment, new products of sensor working temperature range extension, can be in to 40 ℃ to + 70 ° C temperature range, can be used around the world in the refrigerator and extremely cold areas. 

Low temperature environment, reliable detection

The latest products from ultrasonic sensor leaders operate at temperatures ranging from -40 ° c to +70 ° c, combining low temperature characteristics with ultrasonic sensor technology advantages to reduce detection sensitivity in fog and snow days, and serve as powerful universal sensor solutions even in the coldest environments.

 In addition to the typical cold storage applications such as object detection on conveyor belt and pallet detection on forklift truck, it can also be applied to mobile equipment for outdoor applications. These applications include positioning processes on airport runways, collision avoidance applications on airport fire vehicles, and monitoring of deicers and brackets on mobile cranes.  

Flexibility and tenacity

The low temperature version of L2 ultrasonic sensor is mounted in a rigid metal frame. The sensor can be connected via a 2-meter long heavy duty fixed cable with a larger cross section core instead of the standard M12 plug. This enhanced sensor connection also reduces the extra time spent selecting the right cable.

The low temperature sensor is equipped with sensor head that can rotate in five directions and multi-function configuration options, such as adjustable cone width, which can easily adapt to various application requirements. Automatic synchronization enables up to 10 sensors to be installed and operated at close range. The low-temperature version of the sensor has three detection ranges (500 mm, 2000 mm, 4000 mm) and multiple outputs.

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