In five ways, GoDirect Trade is transforming the Trade in aircraft parts


GoDirect Trade™ is designed to help buyers and sellers connect more closely. Since honeywell launched GoDirect Trade, a pioneering online trading platform, in November 2018, it has led to thousands of transactions between buyers and sellers in new, used and refurbished aircraft parts and materials.


Find more convenience

In the past, completing a transaction could involve several phone calls, several emails and days or even weeks of waiting for the seller to respond. GoDirect Trade has changed all that with advanced features, such as an in-platform search engine that allows users to easily find parts by part number or keyword. Also, all products listed on the site support immediate delivery, so users don't have to worry about whether components are in stock. Users can also post information on the platform for free if a component they are searching for is not listed on the website.


The price is clearer

There is no need to ask a price for a particular part on the platform because GoDirect Trade requires sellers to list the price of the part. Each listing contains images, price and quality documentation, eliminating time-consuming exchanges between buyers and sellers. Transactions are also simpler, with buyers adding items to their cart with a click of a mouse on a computer or a specialized app and using credit CARDS, e-transfers or purchase orders. The site also has an "ask the seller" feature to help with product inquiries and discussions. Some sellers even offer "free shipping" for certain products.


What you see is what you get

GoDirect Trade is a highly transparent platform. In addition to price, each list on GoDirect Trade contains complete details of the product image and its current status, including whether the product is new, used, refurbished or repaired. Products listed on the GoDirect Trade website must have an FAA 8130-3 airworthiness label, or a CAAC 038 airworthiness certificate for Chinese customers. The site is the only one that USES blockchain technology to track the progress of listed components.


Seller's profit

GoDirect Trade is a good way for aerospace industry distributors or operators to handle excess inventory. Sellers will find it easy to post goods for sale on their own branded stores. They can use custom status sheets to manage listings, orders, and shipments. GoDirect Trade makes it easy to offer products to a wide range of potential buyers, making it more cost-effective than other traditional e-commerce sites that are unfamiliar with the cost structure of the aerospace industry.


Let blockchain technology work for you

With the support of blockchain technology, we dare to promise the transparency of every transaction and the "no accident" business operation to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers. Blockchain technology ensures that each list contains the exact pictures and quality documents of parts for sale, giving buyers the confidence to purchase parts. GoDirect Trade USES blockchain technology to establish the context of each component listed, and USES encrypted data tracking to create and share a digital ledger of previous transactions for each component, so that buyers can understand the complete history of purchased components.


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