Honeywell joined hands with shaanxi province to promote the comprehensive utilization of western resources


Shanghai, China, July 8, 2019 - honeywell process control department announced with shaanxi extend oil supplies group co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement, to honeywell Experion process knowledge system (PKS) ® and Safety control system (Safety Manager) is used for shaanxi yulin jingbian-yanshuiguang pipeline can park comprehensive utilization of coal, oil and gas resources project, in order to improve the plant reliability and optimization performance.

Honeywell Experion® PKS not only allows factory owners to stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies, but also helps factories optimize automation project execution, reduce cycle time, reduce operational risk, and protect business investment in automation. Since honeywell distributed control system (DCS) was first introduced in China in 1997, honeywell has successfully installed about 2,700 DCS systems.


Honeywell security control system (Safety Manager) will honeywell four die redundancy technology and its proven Safety management in the process of combining the professional knowledge, including process Safety data, application, system diagnosis and key control strategy, with the Experion ® PKS has closely integrated in the process of operation, to fit in the process industry challenging emergency stop (ESD), Safety instrument system (SIS), such as application, at the same time to ensure full optimization of the plant Safety, simplify operation and lower support costs.

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