Honeywell ranked second on southern weekend's 2018 China corporate social responsibility list


Guangzhou, China, July 26, 2019 -- honeywell ranks no. 2 on the south weekend China corporate social responsibility list 2018 at the south weekend China corporate social responsibility annual conference. This award is a high recognition and affirmation of honeywell's excellent business operation in China over the years and its consistent and conscious implementation of corporate social responsibility. Over the years, honeywell has repeatedly ranked among the top 500 companies in China.

Honeywell's history in China dates back to 1935, when it opened its first dealership in Shanghai. When US President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, he was invited by the Chinese government to recommend elite enterprises from ten fields to promote China's modernization. Honeywell UOP was the only company selected in the refining and petrochemical field. Along with China's reform and opening up, honeywell has made a series of high-quality investments in China to further integrate into China's economic development. In 2003, honeywell moved its Asia Pacific headquarters to Shanghai. In 2004, the global r&d center was located in zhangjiang hi-tech park in pudong, Shanghai. In 2013, China became honeywell's largest market outside the U.S. In 2016, honeywell invested $100 million to expand its Asia Pacific headquarters and China r&d center in Shanghai. In 2018, honeywell presented a series of innovative Internet products and solutions at the first China international import expo (ciie) in Shanghai and signed numerous cooperation agreements with Chinese customers.

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