Emerson introduces ultra-bright LED proximity sensors


The TopWorx™ GO™ Switch 7LY proximity sensor is equipped with high visibility dual leds to easily verify that the device is energized and the target is in place, helping the relevant personnel easily see the valve position in the sun and at a distance for easy detection and fault diagnosis.High resolution image

The new TopWorx GO Switch 7LY sensor can be used alone or in the new TopWorx tv-led Switch box to improve fault diagnosis in hazardous areas

Recently, Emerson introduced the ultra-bright LED TopWorx™ GO™ Switch 7LY proximity sensor, which allows easy positioning in sunlight.The new barrel-type sensor can easily detect and diagnose faults in harsh environments and dangerous places.

GO Switch 7LY sensor is equipped with high visibility dual LED, which can easily confirm whether the device is powered up and whether the Switch is accurate.The product is certified in hazardous areas and can withstand temporary submersion. It is suitable for the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, mining, water and wastewater process industries.

Jeff Jones, Emerson TopWorx GO Switch product manager, says, "our customers tell us that they sometimes cannot see local notifications from the Switch, especially in areas with bright lights or direct sunlight.The addition of ultra-bright leds means that they can see the local indication on the sensor clearly and intuitively when operating.This is very useful for manual valves and actuators in busy, hazardous environments."

Emerson's new GO Switch offers many advantages over other types of position sensors.It provides process designers with the flexibility to use the same sensor in different applications without specifying different models.Since the polarity of the sensor is not sensitive, there is no need to specify NPN or PNP products, and simple contact arrangement is easier to install.Stainless steel induction surfaces provide high robustness and reliability, and have been classified by class I, class 2, group a-d;Class II, class 2, e-g and class III certification, flexible selection.

The TopWorx GO Switch 7LY sensor can be used alone or in the new TopWorx tv-led Switch box, providing ultra-bright LED local positioning and electronic signal/digital input, remote transmission of valve position to control room or factory management system.The TopWorx tv-led switch box has a 360-degree viewing Angle to help personnel easily see the valve position at night, in low light or at a distance.

Emerson TopWorx tv-led switch box is flexible and compatible with reeds, mechanical switches and other internal switching options.The device is suitable for monitoring applications and can be controlled by an integrated solenoid valve.The TopWorx tv-led switch box is certified for intrinsic safety and non-flammability and operates in a temperature range of -50 to +60 ℃ (-58 to + 140 F), making it suitable for general and challenging applications in the process industry.

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