Change, or Vagrancy?


The earth is the mother of mankind. It has existed for 4.6 billion years.

However, the large-scale emission of ozone layer depleting gases dominated by human activities is devouring the ozone layer, which is one of the "protective umbrella" of the earth. Meanwhile, the global climate change brought by the emission of greenhouse gases is bringing untold disasters to the whole ecosystem including human beings.

In order to ensure the healthy continuation of the natural environment on which human beings depend, and in order to prevent human beings from having to "stray" in some future devastating disaster, we must take immediate action.

Environmental protection foaming agent is one of the important measures!

Honeywell has been committed to the development of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency of the foaming agent, in the sales of the foaming agent is the third generation Enovate ® 245 fa (HFC), the fourth generation of foaming Solstice ® LBA (HFO) and Solstice ® GBA (HFO), they have been widely used in various fields of polyurethane rigid foam, including the refrigerator freezer, electric water heater, LNG carrier, refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, cold storage and thermal insulation board, insulation coating, pipe and so on.

Cambia Automation Limited is an international company with many PLC and DCS products.We firmly believe that you can find the safely produvects you need here,and can enjoy our all-round personalized service.We strive for survival by quality ,development by reputation ,and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.Among them, honeywell series products are specially sold.

We look forward to cooperating with you for our beautiful future.

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