Cap Challenge


Cap Challenge

Source of challenges

The kick cap challenge was initiated by MMA champion holloway, and has been brought to life by the participation of many fighting celebrities and international stars.

The bottle cap challenge is a back-spinning kick to open the cap of a bottle, but the bottle can't fall.

This kick bottle cap challenge, not only the fighting circle challenge, Jason stensen, donnie yen, zhao wenzhuo all came to challenge the success, but also quinlivan and soon.

Activity is introduced

Donnie yen completed his latest bottle cap challenge on July 3, 2019, when he stunned a large number of foreign Internet users by flying blindfolded and kicking the cap off on video.

The challenger needs to twist the cap back to remove the loose cap and keep the bottle in place.

Jason stensen is no match for donnie yen's technique. In the film, he accurately kicks the bottle cap off with a roundabout kick after turning around. The bottle cap rotates and falls off at a very smooth speed.

Kazakh champion dalikhin started the trend with a spin kick on July 7, 2019, which even included megarego and action star Jason statham.

Challenge meaning

The bottle cap challenge doesn't make much sense.

The challenge, which was spearheaded by MMA champion holloway, has attracted a host of celebrity fighters, including Jason statham.

Then a bunch of people try to challenge the back spin and kick the cap off.

Requires the cap to be "screwed" off without moving the bottle.

In the last group meeting, the company staff also tried the bottle cap challenge and found it was not a simple project.

If you are interested, please try it.

All the props need is a bottle of water.

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