Blockchain technology will transform aircraft maintenance in four ways


 Aerospace companies of all types and sizes have realized that blockchain technology can help them improve operational efficiency and secure the sharing of data between multiple network domains and nodes from the counter to the flight path.


 Here's how aerospace companies are using blockchain technology to improve aircraft maintenance.


It's easier to save records

Airlines and other operators are using blockchain technology to change the way they do record maintenance. Blockchain replaces existing data, spreadsheets, and traditional paper logs, and creates immutable digital records of each aircraft's planned and unplanned maintenance activities. Operators will be able to see which technicians perform which specific tasks on which aircraft during each maintenance interval.

Full link of supply chain

Blockchain technology could improve collaboration across the aerospace supply chain by creating a "single data source" for aircraft parts. When a component is manufactured, the manufacturer can start a blockchain, so that other participants in the supply chain, such as distributors, operators and maintenance technicians, can add their own blocks to create a comprehensive and immutable part history to record their repair process.


Establish the second-hand parts market credit

Operatrs can significantly reduce costs by sourcing high-quality used and refurbished parts. With blockchain, operators have the confidence to get the parts they need at agreed prices. Honeywell has used blockchain technology to protect buyers and sellers on its original GoDirect Trade online marketplace for aircraft parts. Blockchain technology ensures that each listing contains the exact pictures and quality documentation of the parts for sale. The technology establishes a component pedigree, using encrypted data tracking to create and share digital records of previous transactions for each component.


Track every component in inventory

It does not affect tracking whether a particular part is installed on an aircraft, stored in a warehouse, or already in service. With blockchain technology, operators can track every component of each aircraft and know its complete history, current status and location. At the moment, many operators only do such scrutiny and tracking for the most valuable components, such as engines or auxiliary power units. But with blockchain, operators will be able to monitor and record all parts in their inventory more easily, quickly and cheaply.


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