Bachmann's MX200 Processor Module


Bachmann’s MX200 Processor Module


MX200 Processor Modules Processor modules of the MX200 series combine outstanding environmental robustness with very compact dimensions.

Thanks to an integrated power supply unit, which can also provide the I/O module power supply and integrated communication interfaces, complex basic systems can be implemented on only 2 module widths. The industrial processors used with scalable clock frequencies offer sufficient CPU performance for small to medium-sized applications.

Machine control, simple motion control, a wide range of communication tasks or condition monitoring can be implemented easily and cost efficiently with this platform. Different programs can be executed virtually in parallel thanks to the real-time multi-tasking. If the CPU performance has to be increased, applications can be transferred easily to more powerful CPU models thanks to the standard programming model.

The generous thermal design and special coating processes enable fan-free use in extreme operating conditions from -30 to +60 °C.


• Industrial Processor at up to 433 MHzAIO288/1

• Priority scheduled Multitasking

• 256 MB RAM

• 512 kB remanent memory (Retain)

• 64 MB internal memory device1)

• CompactFlash card slot for removable media

• Front side PC-Card slot

• 2x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

• 1x RS232, 1x RS232/RS422/RS485, 1x USB 2.0

• CAN/CANopen

• Integrated power supply for I/Os

MX200 SeriesMX207MX213MX220
Architecturex86 / AMD LX

CPUIndustrial Low Voltage

Clock frequency266 MHz266 MHz433 MHz
Processor Cores1



Realtime-SMP / Core reservation/

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