Aviation's new milestone: honeywell's 100,000 APU rolls off line


Shanghai, China, Oct. 10, 2019 -- honeywell (nyse: HON) has reached two new milestones in aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU) production -- the 100,000th APU and the 15,000th most popular 131-9 APU.

For nearly 70 years, honeywell has been the undisputed leader in the field. Many commercial and military aircraft rely on honeywell's apus to start the main engine and power other important systems.

The APU runs throughout each flight.The small engine provides electricity to power the main engine, air conditioning, lighting and flight equipment from the time passengers board until the plane reaches its destination.In addition, it provides backup power for cockpit and hydraulic systems in case of emergency, and helps control steering, airspeed and altitude during flight, making it an important safety feature.


Honeywell's first APU went into service in 1950.To date, honeywell has produced more than 100,000 apus.There are currently more than 36,000 units in service on more than 150 models in feeder, business, commercial and military applications, as well as on fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.


2009 all-american flight 1549 (an airbus A320) cratered into the Hudson River in New York, all 155 passengers and crew members on board survived.The honeywell 131-9a APU on the aircraft played a key role.Honeywell delivered its 15,000th APU in August since the launch of the 131-9 in 1995.More than 13,000 of the 131-9 apus are in service, mainly for the two most popular families of single-aisle airliners: the Boeing 737 and the airbus A320. 


Honeywell will continue to focus on improving APU technology in multiple ways and providing our customers with first-class operational efficiency.For example, honeywell Forge for Airlines, an advanced analysis platform for Airlines, can help operators reduce flight delays and cancellations due to unplanned maintenance of APU.


Honeywell is also about to unveil a smaller powerplant that will provide ground power to turboprop aircraft and small and medium-sized jets.


Honeywell also provided the APU for the C919, a large domestic aircraft. The full set of APU technical solution includes the HGT750[C] APU developed for the C919, the APU installation package and the APU starting power generation system.This set of technical solutions integrates industry-leading scientific and technological achievements and optimizes according to the actual situation of C919, which can effectively reduce flight delay and cancellation rate and maximize the performance of C919, thus bringing safe, efficient and low-cost operation for airlines.

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