Application of machine learning in industrial automation control


Application of machine learning in industrial automation control

Artificial intelligence has been flying in the wind gap for a long time. All the time, some market players have pointed out its concept hype. However, on the other hand, new products and applications relying on artificial intelligence technology keep emerging, and the trend of artificial intelligence's further development and landing in the industry is more and more obvious.From the early image recognition, speech recognition, to target tracking, semantic understanding, medical diagnosis, economic prediction, social credit investigation, risk prevention and control of the specific application, now in industrial production has found a place of application.

Industrial automation: artificial intelligence servo adjustment (machine learning).In order to achieve high speed machining, high precision machining or high quality machining, fanuc is promoting the development of "AI servo adjustment" series of functions. Advanced adjustment of servo motor control parameters can be easily realized by machine learning. As the first step of "AI servo adjustment", fanuc has developed "AI feedforward".Through machine learning, AI feedforward can intelligently suppress the mechanical vibration of servo motor during acceleration and deceleration. Therefore, it can achieve higher precision and high quality machining work.

Robot: job order batch loading by artificial intelligence (deep learning /FIELD system application).As an application of FIELD system, in order to successfully search with high probability in batch loading, fanuc developed a scoring function to determine the order of work retrieval through deep learning.Deep learning automatically learns the order taking out of robot orders, cancels the traditional manual work of taking out orders, and reduces the start-up time of bulk loading.

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