ABB has a number of leading technologies to support China's efforts to build a world-class aviation hub


 Beijing daxing international airport is officially put into operation today on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The super-large international aviation comprehensive transportation hub, which took four years to build with an investment of 80 billion yuan, echoes the capital airport from the north to the south, forming a double-hub pattern of "dragon and phoenix chengxiang". Since then, the gate of the south sky of Beijing will be officially opened, ushering the development of Beijing into a new take-off moment.

 Daxing airport terminal covers an area of 700,000 square meters. It is the world's first airport terminal that runs under high-speed rail and the world's first double-decker departure and double-decker arrival terminal. It is the largest single terminal in the world. It is estimated that the passenger throughput will reach 72 million person-times by 2025, and the long-term plan is that the annual passenger throughput will reach more than 100 million person-times, and the annual cargo and mail throughput will meet the transportation demand of 4 million tons.

This is the world's largest airport full of technology, construction technology is extremely difficult. As a global technology leader, ABB has actively participated in the construction of a number of infrastructure projects in daxing airport, providing it with world-leading technologies and solutions to ensure safe and stable operation in different functional areas, reduce maintenance costs and improve operation efficiency.

As an important part of airport supporting construction, the water supply station will guarantee the water demand of the whole airport terminal area, public area and flight area. ABB provides water industry inverter ACQ580 for daxing airport, which can realize one inverter to control multiple pumps and have wheel pump function to effectively balance the running time of each pump. Through the sensorless flow calculation function based on the measurement of differential pressure or pump power curve, it can help the water supply station to realize the flow measurement so as to reduce the engineering cost. Its unique "sleep pressurization" function can effectively prevent the pump from running at low speed for a long time, improve energy efficiency and extend the service life of the pump, and support the water supply guarantee of daxing airport.

The safety and reliability of power equipment are very important to the stable operation of the airport. ABB provides a series of low-voltage power distribution solutions including circuit breakers and other components for distribution rooms and power lighting distribution boxes in the core area of daxing airport (terminal, service building and parking building) to achieve reliable power monitoring and energy management. ABB medium-voltage switchgear has also been successfully applied in China southern airlines' base located in daxing airport to ensure the long-term stable operation of the power system.

In addition, ABB also provides a world-class engineering with a series of the world's leading power equipment: as the key equipment of daxing airport construction of smart grid, ABB, the world's leading gas insulated enclosed combination electric appliance (GIS) through the use of the insulation of the compressed gas, safety operation in confined Spaces at the same time, reduced the equipment size, can achieve greater power transmission and smaller losses; The transformer solution successfully applied in the two central substations of the east and west of the airport realizes the transmission and conversion of electric energy with its high reliability and energy saving, comprehensively improves the performance of the whole power supply system, ensures the safety of airport electricity consumption, and reduces the maintenance cost and risk in the later period.

As a new engine of the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei, daxing airport and airport economic zone is a blend of high iron and inter-city rail, urban rail, highways and other transportation form of the "five vertical and two horizontal" comprehensive transport network, huge investment gathered effect will greatly drive the regional industry development and the construction of infrastructure, comprehensive build the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei new heights.

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