3500/22(146031-02) Bently Nevada Modules


3500/22(146031-02) Bently Nevada Modules

The bently interface module runs in the RIM socket of the 3500 frame and works with the m-series monitors (3500/40m, 3500/42m, etc.) to continuously collect steady-state and transient waveform data and transmit the data to the main computer software via Ethernet.

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The low-frequency speed sensor is designed for hydraulic applications to detect vibration of the stator core, frame and bearing housing.The sensor measures absolute vibration in a range of 0.5Hz to 1.0kHz, and its two-wire design USES moving coil technology and embedded signal adjustment circuits to provide a voltage output directly to the vibration velocity in proportion.The sensor is used in conjunction with a 3500/46m hydraulic monitor.


3500/05-01-01-00-00-01          3500/15(125840-01)              3500/22(146031-02)
3500/22-01-01-00(288055-01&146031-01)                         3500/25(125800-01)
3500/25-01-01-00(149369-01&125800-01)                         3500/32(125720-01)
3500/32-01-00(149986-02&125720-01)             3500/33-01-00(149986-01&149992-01)
3500/40-01-00(176449-01&125680-01)             3500/42(128229-01)
3500/42(135489-01)                                         3500/42-01-00(176449-02&128229-01)
3500/45-01-00(176449-04&135137-01)             3500/50-01-00-01(288062-02&133442-01)

In addition to all the features of standard TDI, TMR TDI also has "monitor channel comparison capabilities."The 3500TMR configuration performs the monitoring and voting function by selecting the installation function of the monitor option.In this way, TMR TDI continuously compares the outputs of three redundant monitors.If TMR TDI detects that the output of one monitor is not equal to the output of the other two monitors (within a percentage of the configuration), it sends an error indication to the monitor and adds an event to the system event list.

330703-000-050-10-02-00                 330703-000-060-10-02-00
330703-000-080-10-02-00                 330703-000-100-10-02-00
330704-000-060-10-02-00                 330704-000-078-10-01-05
330709-000-050-10-02-00                 330709-000-060-10-02-00
330709-000-070-10-02-00                 330709-000-080-10-02-00

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