2019 Moxa Solution Day The national tour is about to start


Activity introduction

With the increasingly fierce market competition, it is imperative to upgrade the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry.Digital transformation is becoming the core of manufacturing strategy and the foundation of intelligent manufacturing, which makes the manufacturing industry begin to focus on digital.Driving the transformation, however, is confronted with technical and knowledge challenges: complex fieldbus integration, different IT/OT information architectures, and increased network security risks;Different communication protocols, data acquisition and equipment networking can not be connected.

How to grasp the pulse of The Times and lead the trend of innovation?How to start or accelerate? If you want

Enable IT/OT collaboration to address common networking challenges at the edge, network, and operations layers

Master the future interconnection key to achieve IT/OT seamless integration, real-time communication of key data

Build internal network and external protection network to strengthen industrial system network security

Zero distance communication with experts to find the way to success in practice

2019 Moxa Solution Day will take "connection as the foundation, communication as the king" as the theme of the conference, and share the most cutting-edge industrial communication information to achieve yi lian yi tong;We invite experts and experts in intelligent manufacturing to share with you examples of leading applications in the industry.We believe: this conference focusing on "practical" smart factories will connect you with the path of transformation and build the intelligent future of manufacturing.

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