TRICONEX/Weidmuller 9753-110
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TRICONEX/Weidmuller 9753-110

  • 9753-110
  • TRICONEX/Weidmuller

TRICONEX/Weidmuller 9753-110

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Sell like hot cakes:

Weidmuller 1478140000 DIODE ORING MODULE

Weidmuller 2486100000 DIODE ORING MODULE

Invensys Triconex 3623E/T 120Vdc Digital Output

Invensys Triconex 3624 24Vdc Supervised Digital Output

Invensys Triconex 3625 24Vdc Digital Output

Invensys Triconex 3664 24Vdc Digital Output (Dual)

Invensys Triconex 3674 24Vdc Digital Output (Dual)

Invensys Triconex 3636R/T Relay Output

Invensys Triconex 3700A 0-5Vdc Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3701 0-10Vdc Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3703E 0-5, 0-10Vdc Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3706A Thermocouple Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3708E Thermocouple Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3720 0-5Vdc Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3721 0 to 5 or –5 to +5Vdc Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3805E/H 4-20mA Analogue Output

Invensys Triconex 3807 -60 to +60mA Bipolar Analogue Output

Invensys Triconex 2770H Analog Input Interface Module

Invensys Triconex 2870H Analog Output Interface Module


Our office is located in Xiamen Fujian, China, cooperate with original manufacturer directly; Equipped with a professional sales team, own engineer for technical support and good after-sale service;Large inventory with original product quality for fast delivery. These help us become as a strong supporter of our clients: providing solution for the end-user, and also ensuring profits for the re-seller.

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We have the following service characteristics

1.High quality

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We can also provide

【Honeywell】Module DCS / PLC

【Emerson / Delta V】Module

【ABB】Input Output Module

【AB】Module / Touch Screen

【GE/Fanuc】IC69 Series PLC

【Bently Nevada】3500 system

【Yokogawa】Pressure Transmitter

【Yaskawa】Servo Drive / Servo Motor


Contact us and we will give you a beautiful price!

We major in many brands as below, Allen-Bradley, Bently Nevada, ABB, Honeywell, ICS TRIPLEX, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Bailey, Triconex, GE Fanuc, etc.
Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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