Popular ABB RF523 3BSE006802R1 New
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Popular ABB RF523 3BSE006802R1 New


Item NO.:RF523 3BSE006802R1

Lead Time:1-2days

Product Orgin:Sweden

Payment:T/T 、PayPal、Western Union

Warranty : one year

Shipping Detail: Fedex and UPS etc

  • RF523 3BSE006802R1
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Cambia Automation

Popular ABB RF523 3BSE006802R1 New

★One year warranty 

★A large number of stocks 

★Integrity supply 

★ Advantage price

Term & Condition

Payment Term:T/T  Western Union

Warranty: 1 year in globally!

Lead time: 2-3 working days after payment.

Shipping: will be made via DHL,TNT,EMS,FedEx or UPS.

If you need any favorable or fastshipping welcome to contact us

We can provide:

Programmable control(PLC)
Distributed Control System (DCS)
⑴  ABB (07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DCP10...)
★AC800M series (CI854AK01,CI867K01,PM861AK02,PM891K01...)
★AC800F series (EI803F,EI813F,FI830F,FI820F....)
★AC31 series controller module
★800xA series modules
★Bailey INFI 90 module (PP D113,SPHSS03,SPASI23,SPBRC300,SPNPM22...)
★DSQC robot module spare parts (DSQC679,DSQC346C,DSQC365...)
★Advant OCS system spare parts (DSAX452,TC512V1,DSAI133...)
⑵ Ovation (1C31194G01,1C31197G01,5X00106G01,1C31125G02...)
⑶ YOKOGAWA (CP345,CP451-10,AMM12C,AAI141-S00...)
⑸ BACHMANN (MPC240,CM202,DI232,MPC240,NT255,AIO288...)
⑹ Honeywell(FC-SAI-1620M,MC-TAOY22,CC-PDOB01,DC-PDOD51...)

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woodward 9907-247 8AC112.60-1 PM866 3BSE050198R1
CPU PM858K02 1492-AIFM8-3 PM862 3BSE076940R1
Modbus RTU CI853 VE4022 SB822 3BSE018172R1
CI854BK01     UNITROL 1010 DO820 3BSE008514R1
6ES7414-2XL07-0AB0 3BHE035301R1002 AO810 3BSE038415R1
IC695CPE400 UNS 0121A - Z.V1 TU810 3BSE013230R1
IC695CPK400 UNS 0882A-P.V1 3BHB006309R0001 TU811 3BSE013231R1
6AV6647-0AF11-3AX0 MGATE MB3180 / 10/100M ETHERNET CI810 3BSE020520R1
2711P-T7C22D9P SDCS-PAR-1-COAT CI854B 3BSE069449R1
6ES7414-4HJ04-0AB0 SDCS-IOB-3-COAT CI867 3BSE043660R1
CC-TPIX11 51306544-175 DSTD W120 57160001-ZB SPNPM22
3BHB030310R0001 RDCO-01C DDCS 3500/53-03-01
UNS 2880b-P,V2 3BHE014967R0002 Triconex 3603T 3500/22-01-01-00(288055-01)
GD C742 AE Var.02 3BHE003748R0002     Triconex  3625A 3500/64M-01-00
SDCS-COM-81 3ADT314900R1002 Triconex 3009 3500/40M-02-00
LT C743CE02 3BHE013299R0002     Triconex  3511 3500/92-03-01-02
TB815 3BSE013204R1         Triconex  3706A 3500/32-01-00
TK801V003 3BSC950089R1           Triconex  3501TN2 3500/65  145988-02
SDCS-PIN-51-COAT 3ADT220090R0006 Triconex  3625C1 MODEL 145004-04, P/N 330180-X1-CN
SDCS-IOB-21 Triconex  3721 Trusted ICS T8110B
SDCS-IOB-3 Triconex  8310 Trusted ICS T8403
SDCS-IOE-1 Triconex  8312 Trusted ICS T8451
SDCS-COM-1 Triconex  3805E Trusted ICS T8100
SDCS-CON-1 Triconex  3503E FI840
SDCS-COM-5 Triconex  3051T LD800HSE
SDCS-PIN-41A Triconex  4351B? RLM01
SDCS-PIN-51 Triconex  3805H PM803
SDCS-FEX-2A Triconex  3807 PM804
SDCS-POW-1 Triconex  4329 FI820
SDCS-CON-2 Triconex  4210 6GK7443-5DX05-0XE1
1900/65A-01-00-01-00-00   YOKOGAWA AAM50 S1   IC693APU302

6ES7416-2XP07-0AB0 3BSE073314R1  LD 800HSE EX

YOKOGAWA AAM10 S1 3BHB004744R0010

1791-16A0   SST-PB3-SLC  


We major in many brands as below, Allen-Bradley, Bently Nevada, ABB, Honeywell, ICS TRIPLEX, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Bailey, Triconex, GE Fanuc, etc.
Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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