General Electric IC693CMM321 In stock, ready to ship
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General Electric IC693CMM321 In stock, ready to ship


Item No.IC693CMM321


Delivery time: 1-2 days

Product Origin: USA

Payment methods: T/T, Western Union

Warranty : one year

Shipping Details: FedEx, UPS, etc.

  • IC693CMM321
  • General Electric


Our office is located in Xiamen Fujian, China, 

cooperate with original manufacturer directly; 

Equipped with a professional sales team, 

own engineer for technical support and 

good after-sale service;Large inventory with 

original product quality for fast delivery. 

These help us become as a strong supporter  

of our clients: providing solution for the end-user,and also ensuring profits for the re-seller.

Q:What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

A:We will make delivery once received your payment.

Q:If the product can't work, can it be returned?

A:We provide one year warranty.

Q:How easy is it to obtain items?

A:New are no longer continuously manufactured, and therefore supply is scarce.

图片48Delivery & payment

We Accept T/T.

Other payment please send message.


Item within 1-2 days after the payment is cleared.

Item ship By E-packing/FedEx/EMS/TNT/DHL/UPS

All the packing ship with tracking number.


30 days policy is accepted

When you return the Item ,please make sure the item is un-opened


We offer 60 days warranty for all items. Parts will be tested and well packing before shipping.

If there is any problem with the parts, please return back within 60 days for replacement or money back.
Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost.

图片43Our Advantages
* Foreign direct purchase, genuine licensed products, price concessions, after-sale warranty, complete models, superior inventory.
* if you need to order more than 1 product, please contact us. We can offer you a discount.
* If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
* If you find the same parts from any other suppliers cheaper than us, we will try to match that the same price, or provide you
with a further discount.
*Please let us know if you have any spare parts, spare parts, we can give you further assistance, we await your inquiry.

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We major in many brands as below, Allen-Bradley, Bently Nevada, ABB, Honeywell, ICS TRIPLEX, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Bailey, Triconex, GE Fanuc, etc.
Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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